What are good supplements? What makes a protein powder good?

It is understandable why the need for protein powder has skyrocketed. Proteins play an important role within our bodies -from making hormones and enzymes, repairing damaged tissue to building muscle. Despite this, our bodies don’t store proteins for future uses thus the need to supplement them regularly. 

A common supplement among bodybuilders and dieters is protein powder. For a bodybuilder, a protein shake is the fastest way to gain muscle, while a dieter will tell you if you want to lose weight, protein shakes are the way to go.

Positive effects of protein:

Management of Weight

If you want to keep your weight in check, it’s high time you cut back on the number of carbohydrates and fats your diet contains. Protein-rich foods are highly recommended. But, if you have a busy schedule and can’t meet your daily protein requirements then supplements will come in handy. Whey protein -available in most online stores like SupplementHunt is recommended to aid in weight loss. 

Muscle gain

Protein and muscle gain go hand in hand. When you want to gain muscle, going to the gym alone won’t help you achieve that. Most people combine going to the gym and using protein powders- mostly shakes- to gain muscle.

Repair of damaged tissue

An athlete or a bodybuilder will use protein powder to help their muscles recover from the effects of strenuous exercises they perform. Protein as a building block of our bodies will speed up the repair of damaged tissue. Research has shown, athletes using protein powder after exercising have improved muscle gain. 

Nutrition addition

If you are a vegan and find it difficult to meet your daily nutritional protein intake, protein powders will help you achieve just that. Studies have shown that people between over 19 years require a daily protein intake of 56g and 46g for both men and women, respectively. However, bodybuilders, old people, and athletes can exceed this because of the strenuous activities their bodies undergo. Most athletes and bodybuilders take twice the daily requirement.

Protein powder varieties

Protein powder comes in different varieties. When protein powder is mentioned most people think of whey protein powder supplement. This is because researchers pay too much attention to it, forgetting there are other proteins available. Here are a variety of protein powders:

Whey protein

This is the most popular protein powder used by athletes and bodybuilders, because it is absorbed faster by the body. Considered a complete protein, whey comprises of all the amino acids the body needs. 

Casein protein

If you are allergic to dairy then this protein isn’t for you. Although it’s full of amino acids and glutamine that aid in speedy muscle recovery, it’s metabolized slowly by the body. Recommended use of casein protein is night time or when resting. 

Soy protein

If you are a vegan or suffer allergic reactions after using dairy products, soy proteins contain all the amino acids your body needs.

Pea protein

It contains amino acid arginine which has led to it being used in most of the plant-based protein powders. Pea protein is considered a superior alternative to dairy and soy proteins. 

Hemp protein

Apart from amino acids, hemp protein contains essential amino acids. Vegans consider this protein an excellent alternative to dairy and soy proteins.

Protein powder’s price and quality vary depending on the vendor. A recent study has shown some protein powders are contaminated with lead, arsenic, and cadmium, so when buying a protein powder go for a reputable supplier like SupplementHunt. Also, before you use any protein powders consult your doctor or dietitian first.