We Are Hiring a Mind Reading Magician

When I first heard about a magician who can read minds, I was skeptical. I know that there is some type of trick involved because no one truly has the ability to do that, but I admit that I was also intrigued. I went to https://nebmagic.com/mind-reader-london/ to see if I could learn more about this magician, and I was happy to see that his website had a lot of information about what he does along with videos. I was curious to see this so I was happy to see that he did have a lot of videos.

I was trying to find an entertainer for a company event that we are having in a couple of months, and this seemed like the perfect answer. I know that a lot of the people I work with are skeptics too, which made it even more exciting to have someone like this mind reading magician challenging what we believe. I was not able to detect how he was able to do this in the videos I watched. I imagine some people may think that he already knew the people in the videos, but I suspected this was not the case as it would be hard to maintain that in a venue filled with people he did not know.

I was impressed and curious, and I knew that this was going to be a fun party for once. We were going to have the band play, and dancing and eating would be highlights of the night. However, I do believe that this mind reading magician is going to be the main attraction. I have read reviews that state he will go around to everyone so they can enjoy what he does. I cannot wait until it is my turn for him to read my mind. Maybe then I will either figure it out or become a believer too!