Tough Times Followed by Happiness

The last couple of months have been pretty hectic for my wife and I because we were having our wedding. We went through a lot of planning, started looking at wedding invitations for many hours, did extensive cake shopping, and examined at least 100 venues. Now I know how all of those people who plan weddings for a living feel. Anyone who has ever looked a wedding invitation knows that if you look at them long enough, they start to look similar. It’s like one of those magic eye puzzles that you stare at for a long time until an image appears. After much thought and discussion, my wife and I decided to go with some custom invitations.

The invitations we created were made with us in mind. We wanted something that reflected our years of being together before becoming a married couple. I sketched out some designs on paper before coming up with a final one that would become our invitation. I’ve always been a pretty good artist, even though I’ve never had any kind of formal training. My wife thought my designs were wonderful, and so did everyone else when they received the invitations. They had no idea that I could come up with something that looked so beautiful. Well, that is except for those who have grown up with me and knew that I had an artistic eye.

Although the long wedidng planning process was quite stressful for us, I am glad how everything turned out. we ended up with a wedding that we would be able to look back at for years to come and remember just how great it was. All of the people that we loved the most came to support us and wish us well for the future, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.