How REGYMEN Fitness Wins with Consumers and Stands Out From the Crowd

Now more than ever, consumers are choosing REGYMEN Fitness thanks to its virtual workouts, live streams, equipment bundles and high-tech offering.

As the coronavirus outbreak forces businesses all over the world to close their doors, REGYMEN Fitness is implementing new strategies to deal with the unprecedented crisis. Rather than slowing down or simply waiting until things get back to normal, REGYMEN’s team is taking a proactive approach and developing immediate ways to keep the brand’s members happy across the country.

Since bursting onto the scene in 2018REGYMEN Fitness has transformed the boutique fitness space with its 60-minute, high-energy workouts backed by heart-rate science. Employing three mutually-beneficial programs — “Burn,” “Box” and “Build” — the fitness concept combines high-intensity interval training with weight training for a unique experience that is completely focused on delivering science-backed results. Now, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, REGYMEN Fitness is making sure members are staying engaged even if they can’t physically be in the gym with a series of virtual workouts.

“We launched online workouts right away,” said Tatum Crews, director of sales and marketing. “We have templates that are sent out to our system every night at 7 p.m. so that they’re prepared with a new, fresh workout for the following day. These include full tutorials from coaches and a live ‘movement stream,’ which is what our members would normally see in our gyms.”

To create flexible options for those working at home, REGYMEN’s coaches and employees are going the extra mile to ensure that these virtual workouts are accessible for everyone. “Our coaches post on social media and go live a few times a day based on their location, too, which helps hold people accountable,” said Crews.

In transitioning to at-home workouts, not all members have access to the necessary equipment. In order to provide members with hard-to-find fitness resources, REGYMEN reached out to its vendor partners at Perform Better and TRX and is now offering special equipment bundles for at-home use.

“One of the hardest things about working out at home is a potential lack of equipment — that’s why we reached out to Perform Better and TRX,” said Crews. “Through these partnerships, we’re selling equipment bundles with the basics to better set our members up for success with our virtual workouts. It goes hand-in-hand with our digital presence and will help our members stay active until we can open our gyms again.”

These bundles, which include kettlebells, slam balls and dumbbells, are offered at a discount for REGYMEN Fitness members. The brand’s programming team is also creating different tutorial videos to keep members active and ensure a successful workout at home.

In preparation for post-coronavirus health and wellness trends, REGYMEN is staying ahead of the curve, constantly enhancing its technology offering and actively developing more resources for franchisees and members alike. 

Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, REGYMEN worked hard to prioritize community outreach and bring health and wellness to the forefront of places all over the U.S. In January 2018,

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