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Dentist FBI Files
Career information
Role Contractor
Kataru King
Biographical information
Also known as Doctor Helmann
Nationality Flag of the United States American
Age Unknown
Possibly immortal (deceased)
Physical description
Hair color Gray
Ethnicity African-American
PAYDAY information
Portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito
Voiced by Giancarlo Esposito
My legal business identifies me as a practicing dentist, my real vocation is the organization of heists, or the application of criminal theory, if you will. I am a facilitator, an agent. Some choose to hide in the shadows, some behind monitors and servers, I hide in plain sight. You will hear from me when I require your specific expertise.
—The Dentist introducing himself.

The Dentist is a supporting character, contractor, and later a main antagonist in PAYDAY 2 first introduced in the teaser trailer of the same name. At first glance, he appears to be an ordinary dentist, though it is soon revealed he uses his business as a façade to cover his criminal activities and connections.

The unusual extension of his knowledge is soon revealed when he discusses the crew’s past jobs whilst performing a dental checkup on Dallas. Acting as a stand-in for Dallas’ usual dentist, he soon alludes to Dallas’ involvement in the First World Bank and Election Day heists (see the event timeline), and, after revealing he knows Dallas uses the alias Nathan Steele, proposes they work together.

After working for him and giving The Dentist the mysterious box in the Golden Grin Casino heist, Bain had felt uneasy since his departure. His suspicions are later confirmed with The Dentist orchestrating a betrayal later on, capturing Bain and providing information to Murkywater, the PAYDAY gang’s long-time enemies. It would appear he was present in Hell’s Island, taunting the crew via loudspeakers and commanding the PMCs as they try to release and rescue Bain but flees upon realizing they would become successful in their endeavors. Before departing, he mentions three individuals who have ties with the PAYDAY gang. These are “Simmons”, implying he is aware of the politician and his affiliation, Kozak (Vlad), and Kento.

Upon solving the puzzle within the ancient, derelict underground area of The White House, The Dentist tries to stop the PAYDAY gang and holds Bain and Locke at gunpoint. Players are only given a moment to kill The Dentist before he shoots Bain.



Little is known of The Dentist, though it is made clear he is capable of gathering information on anyone (including the Payday crew). Contacting crew leader Dallas in person (rather than going through Bain like most other employers), The Dentist reveals insight to the crew’s illegal activities in order to grab his attention, and even later mentions them leaving Hoxton behind.

During his appointment with Dallas, the Dentist alludes to knowing of Dallas’ true identity, mentioning the Election Day heist, and how to break into Benevolent Bank’s vault. The Dentist mentions four potential jobs: three are seemingly huge heists on significant target locations like the Benevolent Bank,

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