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Sacred Heart Dental Clinic started in 1987 and founded by Dr. Alexander Eduardo R. Garcia and Dr. Ma. Cristina Aurea G. Garcia. After more than 30 years of Dental Practice we are now the leading companies of Dental Tourism in the Philippines.

Our mission is for you to experience World Class Dental Services in the heart of the beautiful historic Philippines allowing you to combine a perfect vacation. For your convenience we will take care of everything , to hotel accommodation to airport transportation. We can even arrange a Manila Dy Tour for you and learn how to smile again and experience what is life about.

Here are at Sacred Heart Dental Clinic you will be taken care of highly skilled team that are qualified and trained with Western Standard. We will provide you the best treatment with our dentist who specialise in different field such as Surgery, Implantology, Endodontics, Restorative Dentistry, Prosthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Sacred Heart Dental Clinic is devoted in providing Excellent Dental Services to the lates practice Technology using State of the Art Facilities.

We give expert advice in all of your dental related problems and provide high quality nd affordable dental care that is specially planned according to your dental needs.

Learn How To Smile Again!

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Our Clinic are Certified by the Following Implant System:

BioHorizons Certified Clinic3M IMTEC Certified ClinicAlpha Bio Implants Certified ClinicIntra Lock Implants Certified ClinicNobelBiocare Implants Certified Clinic


International College of Oral ImplantologistAMD LasersInternational Academy on Mini Dental Implants

“Professionalism & Outstanding Dental Work”

Sacred Heart Dental Clinic Staff,

Thank you very much for the great dental care that I received last May when I have the crown work. Everything was perfect and Im very happy with your professionalism and outstanding work performed by the doctor and her staff. Grateful Thanks!

Very best regards.

Dan Creed

“I had work done last year, a complete upper bridge and I could not be happier”

Dear Dr. Garcia,

I wanted to wait until I wrote to you to thank your staff for their work. I had work done last year, a complete upper bridge and I could not be happier. I was impressed by the professionalism of all your staff and their skills that are equal to anything that I have experienced in Australia. Their care had also a spiritual dimension, evident from morning prayers. I could not be happier with the work and would recommend your services without a moment’s hesitation. Thank you.

Markus Frank – Bidyadanga, West Australia


[email protected]

“Fantastic looking teeth!!!!”

The Philippines has bad weather and a poor economy and there is so much corruption, inefficiently and incompetence it is unlikely to ever get better.

The exception to the rule is Dr Alex and his team at the Sacred Heart Clinic who can only be considered on the better side of good on a world class rating!

A car met us at the airport and it was exactly where it should have been; when it should be there and it took us to the hotel.

The next day a small amount of

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