ZoomLance.com – Scottsdale Personal Trainer for Baby Boomers

“Do I really need to work out?”
This may seem like a silly question, but a lot of people do ask it. As the old joke goes, “I don’t like lifting weights…they’re just too darn heavy!”

Conversely, the old adage is true as well, “Use it or lose it.”

And that’s what Doctor Fitness helps you do — by designing an exercise regimen that will help you burn fat and build muscle.

“Why is working out with Doctor Fitness different than joining a gym, going to cross-fit, etc?”
Many people feel completely overwhelmed walking into a gym staring at rows of equipment and racks of weights.

That’s why 90% of the time, most people job on the treadmill for 30 mins, do a few biceps curls in the mirror, and then hit the showers.

And those who join Crossfit (or some other kind of “community workout”) often find themselves getting lost in the herd, especially when they are starting an exercise routine for the first time.

So I can’t blame anyone for feeling overwhelmed and lost…

That’s why I’ll not only put together a custom exercise plan that matches your goals, I’ll also teach you how to perform each exercise safely and effectively.

“How long does each work out session last?”
Each session is a full, total body workout in only 30 minutes.

How is that possible?  Because I take you from exercise to exercise to exercise, one right after the other. You heart rate will get going, as you’re pumping iron.

“Is it truly a private session?”
Yes, each session is one on one.

The primary reason for this is for safety — Doctor Fitness wants to ensure that you are doing each exercise correctly on every rep so that you are never at risk for injury, or pushing yourself further than your body can go in that moment.

The second reason is to motivate you, and hold you accountable. You’ll work harder when I’m standing right there encouraging you, counting the reps as you go. This has a synergistic effect over the long haul.

“Where do you train clients?”
Most of our clients train at our private gym in Scottsdale, AZ near Via de Ventura & The 101. We have the best machines and equipment.

“Does your ever do in-home training?”
Yes, a number of our clients cannot make it to our private gym, either because of their schedule, or because of their frailty. Please contact us for pricing and availability for this option.

“Do you really specialize in training Baby Boomers?”
Being a Baby Boomer myself, I understand how the aging body works and feels.

I’m 60 years old, and my goal is to feel the same as I do now when I’m 70.

I believe with the right diet and exercise routine, just about anyone can accomplish the same.

“Do you train other age groups as well?”
Absolutely. Though as mentioned before, Baby Boomers are the specialty.

“What if I’ve never worked out before?”
No problem.

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Personal Training Goddard, KS | Kansas Strength & Performance

You’ve mad the most important decision of your life. Whether you want to run a mile, or have loftier goals, such as running a marathon or competing as a bodybuilder, Kansas Strength & Performance can design a fitness program that will keep you comfortable in your own skin and help you maintain a stress-free and active lifestyle. No matter your age, body type, or level of fitness, you will find everything you need at Kansas Strength & Performance.

Have you hit a plateau in your exercise program? Are you bored with your current fitness routine? Is it time to make some lifestyle changes? Let’s change that today. Whether you’ve taken a brief hiatus from the gym and are trying to get back in gear, have never stepped foot inside a gym, or recently moved to Goddard and are looking to join a new gym, we’re sure you’ll find success here. When you join Kansas Strength & Performance, you will benefit from a team of dedicated trainers, instructors, and staff members who will be by your side every step of the way to guide you to your goals.

Fitness Classes Wichita, KS

Kansas Strength & Performance offers a wide variety of group classes, from yoga to strength training. If you are looking for a little extra motivation or to break from your normal exercise routine, consider one of our classes taught by our experienced instructors.

personal training Wichita, KS

At Kansas Strength & Performance, we have a very comprehensive approach to personal training. Rather than a one-size-fits-all mindset, we take the time to learn about you – your long and short term goals as well as your current fitness, health, and nutritional habits.

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Best Public Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers

Best Public Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers | FitPro

Fitness Professionals

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Personal Fitness Merit Badge

Personal Fitness Merit Badge PamphletPersonal Fitness Merit Badge Pamphlet (Spanish)

Personal Fitness Merit Badge

Requirements were
January 1, 2020.

To see the changes which were made,
Click here.

For the previous requirements, Click here

NOTE: If meeting any of the requirements for this merit badge is against
the Scout’s religious convictions, the requirement does not have to be done
if the Scout’s parents and the proper religious advisors state in writing
that to do so would be against religious convictions. The Scout’s parents
must also accept full responsibility for anything that might happen because
of this exemption.

  1. Do the following:
    1. Before completing requirements 2 through 9, have your health-care
      practitioner give you a physical examination, using the Scout medical
      examination form. Explain the following:
      1. Why physical exams are important
      2. Why preventive habits (such as exercising regularly) are
        important in maintaining good health, and how the use of tobacco
        products, alcohol, and other harmful substances can negatively
        affect our personal fitness
      3. Diseases that can be prevented and how
      4. The seven warning signs of cancer
      5. The youth risk factors that affect cardiovascular health
        in adulthood.
    2. Have a dental examination . Get a statement saying that your
      teeth have been checked and cared for. Tell how to care for your
  2. Explain to your merit badge counselor verbally or in writing what
    personal fitness means to you, including:
    1. Reasons for being mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually
    2. What it means to be mentally healthy
    3. What it means to be physically healthy
    4. What it means to be socially healthy
  3. With your counselor, answer and discuss the following questions:
    1. Are you living in such a way that your risk of preventable diseases
      is minimized?
    2. Are you immunized and vaccinated according to the advice of
      your healthcare provider and the direction of your parent(s)/guardian(s)?
    3. Are you free from habits relating to poor nutrition and the
      use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and other practices that could be
      harmful to your health?
    4. What are the advantages to getting a full night’s sleep?
    5. Define a nutritious, balanced diet and why it is important.
    6. Do you participate in a regular exercise program or recreational
    7. What
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Personal trainer – Wikipedia

Personal trainer assisting and correcting a client during a fitball stretching exercise.jpg

Il personal trainer (anche detto allenatore personale e convenzionalmente indicato dalla sigla PT) è la figura professionale preposta a gestire in maniera individualizzata l’esercizio fisico di coloro che si avvicinano o praticano attività fisica per migliorare il proprio stato di salute o di forma fisica.

Un’altra importante area di intervento del personal trainer è relativa all’educazione a stili di vita salutari e al ruolo di motivatore nell’ambito della pratica dell’attività fisica.

Il background culturale di un personal trainer è di tipo interdisciplinare, in continua formazione ed aggiornamento, passa attraverso la fisiologia, l’anatomia funzionale, la psicologia, la medicina dello sport, l’allenamento e la nutrizione.

In generale, la sua attività consiste nell’educare il proprio cliente a stili di vita salutari ed a programmare e realizzare allenamenti finalizzati ad un determinato scopo, sulla base delle esigenze fisiologiche e psicologiche di una persona.

Più in particolare l’attività pratica del Personal Trainer per il proprio cliente si svolge in diverse fasi: l’intervista iniziale, la valutazione antropometrica e funzionale, l’elaborazione e l’esecuzione di un programma di allenamento personalizzato, il controllo dell’efficacia del lavoro programmato.

Ultimamente, seguendo le tendenze del settore fitness, il personal trainer ha affiancato, alla consueta consulenza atletica, anche quella di miglioramento della sfera psicologica e motivazionale, specialmente negli sportivi di alto livello.

In Italia la figura del personal trainer è relativamente recente, tuttavia in discreta espansione, specialmente al centro-nord del Paese.
Se i primi personal trainer erano per lo più appassionati del settore, con alle spalle diversi anni di allenamento, attualmente ci si affida spesso a personal trainer con formazione universitaria.

Il corso di laurea in scienze motorie (ex ISEF), nato nel 1999, prevede l’insegnamento di materie medico-scientifiche come l’anatomia umana, la biochimica e la fisiologia, la fisiologia dell’esercizio, la biomeccanica del movimento e i fondamenti della nutrizione. Tutti elementi che è indispensabile conoscere al fine di poter professionalmente intraprendere la carriera di personal trainer.

Chi non sceglie il percorso accademico deve districarsi tra le tante federazioni, associazioni o enti di promozione sportiva, ed aziende private, che svolgono corsi di formazione per poter avere una preparazione adeguata in tale settore.

La brevità di tali corsi, e le loro differenze, sommate all’assenza di pre-requisiti tra i candidati, fa sì che manchi un know-how uniforme, essenziale per una categoria professionale che vorrebbe esistere, ma che di fatto ancora non c’è, in attesa di una regolamentazione delle professioni sportive ancora inesistente nella realtà italiana.

Essendo una professione non regolamentata infatti non si ha bisogno di specifici requisiti o iscrizione ad apposito albo professionale per essere esercitata.

Il primo strumento nelle mani di un personal trainer utile a costruire un programma di esercizio fisico personalizzato è l’intervista iniziale, ovvero il primo colloquio tra il personal trainer e il soggetto da analizzare. Questa prima fase permette di indagare sulla storia medica, sulle caratteristiche psicologiche individuali e sullo stile di vita di una persona.
Durante l’intervista iniziale vengono poste domande create appositamente per conoscere in maniera approfondita la persona in tutti i suoi lati: lo stato di salute,

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Personal Trainer Certification – $69.95 – Fitness Certification

Untitled 1

Personal Trainer Sample Exam Questions

The personal trainer sample exam questions shown on this page are simply an indication of the nature of questions in the personal trainer exam. The personal trainer courseware includes the complete study material required for answering all the questions in the personal trainer exam. The sample questions displayed here are not part of the personal trainer certification final exam.

Barbell Rear Delt Row- Gym Training

What is the exercise in the picture called?

a)Barbell Rear Delt Row
b)Good mornings
c)Barbell shrugs
d)Dead lift


Which muscles does the Pectoral Fly work?

What is the exercise in the picture called?

Cable Lateral Raise Gym Training

a)Cable Incline Tricep Raise
b)Cable Shoulder Raise
c)Cable Lateral Raise
d)Cable Deltoid Raise

Give the correct sequence for performing a Barbell Close Grip Bench Press? 
1.Keep your wrists straight and your elbows close to your body
2.Grip the barbell with your hands 15-18 inches apart
3.Push the barbell back up while exhaling
4.Lift the barbell off of the rack and slowly lower it towards your chest

What is Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR?
a)It is the breakdown of the ingested food leading to the production of energy
b)It is a set of constructive metabolic processes
c)It is an individual’s minimum calorific requirement at rest
d)It is the rate required to maintain a stable internal environment


_________ are used best for opposing muscle groups.
b)Drop Sets
c)Push-Pull Sets
d)Staggered Sets


The Rotator Cuff Injury is an injury of the:


__________ measures the flexibility of the lower back and that of the hamstring muscles.
a)Hip Flexor flexibility
b)Sit and Reach test
c)Passive range of motion
d)Dynamic flexibility


State whether true or false:

The volume of training load is directly proportional to its intensity.


In which type of muscle action does the muscle shorten in length as it contracts?


Which of these is a determinant of VO2 max?
a)Cardiac output


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Buffalo Personal Trainer | TrainSMART

TrainSMART, a Buffalo Personal Trainer team, primarily serves
professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs in downtown Buffalo, providing a
caliber of fitness training previously available only to professional
athletes.  TrainSMART creates and
and your career.  TrainSMART
incorporates an integrated, multi-discipline, and somewhat holistic approach
focused on evidence based, cutting edge sports medicine.  Additionally, TrainSMART is the
undisputed leader in TRX Training in Buffalo and Western New York. TrainSMART
has over 60 professional letters of recommendation on file for your

TrainSMART makes it fast,
easy, and affordable for business and building owners to have an on-site
fitness center with professional instruction. TrainSMART can be your 
Buffalo Personal Trainer team!  TrainSMART is proud to have done on-site corporate fitness
work with companies like Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Synacor, and UNYTS.

TrainSMART is not a gym open
for general membership.
  We are an
appointment only 
Buffalo personal trainer fitness studio, located on Ellicott Street in downtown Buffalo
in the newly renovated Innovation Center, which serves as headquarters for the
Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

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Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor Insurance

There are inherent risks, with all exercise classes and personal training sessions. Fitness Instructor liability insurance protects you, the trainer, from claims and potential lawsuits for a multitude of accidents that could happen during class or training session. Fitness instructor general liability insurance protects you from accidents that may arise, through no fault or error of your own, as the instructor.

For example, if a student slips and falls on some split water during a training session and breaks their leg, you may be liable. If a student pushes themselves too far, into a move they cannot do or overexerts themselves and gets injured or has a medical complication, you may be liable.

While you may work hard to stay current with the health situations of each client, sometimes they are not as forthright with their conditions as you need them to be. For example, you may have a female client who has recently become pregnant, but has chosen not to share that information with you. You might also have a male client who has a heart condition, or other serious health condition that could put him at risk during some of the higher intensity moves he will perform in class. Fitness instructor insurance would protect you from claims arising due to conditions like these. You can see why it is critical for the protection and longevity of your fitness business that you make sure to have insurance coverage.

Insure Fitness Group offers the most affordable and most comprehensive fitness instructor insurance available. Unlike other insurance companies, we will cover a claim that happens within the policy period- even if it is filed 2 years later. With this type of support and coverage, we know that you will be able to rest easy and focus your full attention on your clients. Teach confidently and have peace of mind with insurance coverage from Insure Fitness Group.

Get Insured Now.

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AFA | Fitness & Personal Training Courses

With over 26 years’ experience delivering industry-leading fitness courses, AFA is committed to providing genuine outcomes for aspiring gym instructors and personal trainers. Our nationally recognised qualifications have been developed to ensure you are ready as soon as you graduate.

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Personal Training & Fitness | Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club

Find a Class

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