Zoom is releasing a new tool to let paid users charge for admission to online events like conferences or fitness classes

Eric S. Yuan standing in front of a sign: Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom Video Communications takes part in a bell ringing ceremony at the NASDAQ MarketSite in New York Reuters

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Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom Video Communications takes part in a bell ringing ceremony at the NASDAQ MarketSite in New York Reuters

  • Zoom is introducing OnZoom, a new way to host events — free and paid — using the popular videoconferencing tool.
  • Zoom has come to be used to host all kinds of events amid the pandemic, from board meetings and conferences to fitness classes and concerts. The new OnZoom platform includes the ability to charge for tickets, as well as a directory of public event listings.
  • Zoom is also launching a new kind of app integration, called a Zapp, that can bring information from productivity tools like Dropbox, Slack, or Asana directly into a video chat.
  • Facebook launched its own features for paid videoconferencing events over the summer.
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As the pandemic drags on, Zoom is releasing a new way to host online events — importantly, now including paid events — as well as new types of apps that integrate outside business and productivity tools like Slack, Dropbox, and Asana directly into Zoom meetings, the company announced Wednesday. 


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Zoom has become a household name amid shelter in place and social distancing mandates, with users turning to the videoconferencing app to host events from board meetings and conferences to yoga classes and concerts. It’s led Zoom’s business to skyrocket, but also forced the company to rethink its ambitions beyond its original enterprise approach. 

The online event platform, called OnZoom, adds features to Zoom that make it easier to host online events — notably, by allowing event organizers to sell tickets for paid events on Zoom, thanks to an integration with PayPal. There will also be an event marketplace, where people can find and sign up for public events, free and paid.

At launch, the events platform is only available to US users, but will be available more globally next year. There’s no additional fee for paid users to try out OnZoom through the end of 2020, but Zoom says that it plans to revisit the possibility of taking a cut of ticket sales next year. 

Notably, Facebook announced something similar earlier this year, allowing businesses, creators, educators and media publishers to host paid events on Facebook Live or its Messenger Rooms app. Facebook has said it won’t collect fees from tickets sales until at least August 2021.

The catch is that you will have to be a paid Zoom user to set up events with OnZoom, with a capacity ranging from 100 attendees, up to 1,000 for enterprise users. For anything larger, users can livestream the event with a Zoom Webinar license. 

OnZoom is actually getting its first public test right out in the open: Zoom is using it to host its annual Zoomtopia user conference this week. The company bills it as being well-suited for other companies to host their own conferences, for fitness instructors to hold paid lessons, for nonprofits to set up fundraising events

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Planet Fitness to offer free at-home workout classes online


McDonald’s joins fast-food chains like Chick-fil-A and Taco Bell in removing restaurant seating and moving to drive-thru only.


Some gyms across the nation are closing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t workout. Planet Fitness, one of the nation’s largest chain gyms, is offering free online classes starting today, because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The at-home workouts began streaming on the company’s Facebook page March 16. These classes are open to anyone, including non-members.

“Our daily routines have changed in unexpected ways, and we know that people may not be able to get to the gym. That’s why we’re offering a free, daily virtual fitness class for everyone on Planet Fitness’ Facebook page from Monday through Friday,” said Jeremy Tucker, chief marketing officer of Planet Fitness, in a statement to USA TODAY. 

Planet Fitness (Photo: Planet Fitness.)

The workouts will be live-streamed at 7 p.m. ET each day for the next two weeks. And if you can’t make it live, the workouts will be available on-demand on Facebook and in Planet Fitness’ YouTube channel. No equipment is needed, and the classes last 20 minutes or less.

Tucker said that virtual classes “will be led by Planet Fitness certified trainers, as well as special guests like ‘The Biggest Loser’ coach and fitness trainer Erica Lugo, among others. The home workouts will offer tools to combat stress, while providing motivation and inspiration sure to keep us all physically and mentally fit.”

With President Donald Trump on Monday calling for Americans to avoid social gatherings of more than 10 people, most gyms will feel the impact immediately.

“We are calling this movement ‘United We Move’ because we know that the best way to stay healthy both physically and mentally is to stay active,” added Tucker.

The gym chain has consistently grown its revenue in the past three years, with a total revenue stream of $174.4 million for 2018. 

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BodySpace FREE Online Fitness Community

May 3, 2020

Time for a brutally honest and vulnerable life update. I’m usually very private about my life experiences, but this community has always felt like a safe space to share my struggles and successes. I’ve been away from this community and health in general this past year. I come from an extremely toxic and abusive home life and was juggling that healing with trying to move away for university last year. I got really sick when I was away at school and my health (mental, physical, and emotional) all began to spiral despite my best efforts. In truth, I have struggled with body dysmoprhia and healthy food habits since I was a child (insert childhood trauma here lmao). While I was active as a kid and as a teenager and ate healthy, I obssesed over my figure becauce I am built curvy. At my healthiest, I was not enough for myself. I was hitting the gym twice a day everyday and convincing myself that eating little to no calories a day was good for me because what I was eating was healthy. If I so much as ate a cheat meal, I would guilt myself for weeks after. While these last two years have been some of the worst of my life, they have made me stop and ask myself what health really means. I’ve been able to pinpoint these nevative habits I have and instead focus on healthy choices regardless of what the reflection or the number on the scale looks like. I’ve gone from not wanting to get out of bed in the morning to waking up early to get in a mile run. Not because I have to, but because I enjoy it. This to me is a health transformation! I’m proud to say that I am now embarking on month 3 of my fitness journey. All clean eating and exercising 3 times a week on top of attending school AND working shifts at the hopsital during this pandemic. But most importantly, clean thinking. Talking to myself kindly and appreciating my body for what it can do. I say all of this to say that your journey is yours and no one else’s. And if you aren’t already, be a little kinder to yourself. All those insecurities only have the power you give to them. Whether you’ve just started working toward your goal, aren’t where you want to be, or are almost there: take a moment to stop and be proud of all the work you’ve put in. Each healthy choice is a choice to be celebrated and proud of!

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Could I Be Entitled to Treatment at a Private Medical Facility Like BMI Hospitals

Health Experts UK
Health Experts UK

Once your GP has confirmed that you need treatment, please ask if you can have your NHS treatment at a BMI Healthcare hospital.

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Health Doctors UK
Health Doctors UK

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At present the e-Referral Service does not cover NHS patients in Scotland or Wales.

Broken toe overview

  • Often, a broken toe is caused by injury or trauma. Repetitive movements over a prolonged period can result in a hairline or stress fracture.
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