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Your Consultation With Dr. Chow:
The Thousand Oaks Dentist

We welcome the opportunity to help you understand the state of your oral health. With a consultation, Dr. Chow will do a thorough exam and then go over the results with you. A dental consultation covers all aspects of your dental and oral health, not just whether or not you have any obvious gum disease or tooth decay. Dr. Chow will assess:

  • Condition of current restorations (crowns, fillings)
  • Signs of decay, missing teeth
  • Bite alignment
  • Gums and bone supporting each tooth
  • Throat, gums, tongue (checking for tumors, cysts)
  • Jaw joint and jaw muscles
  • Changes observed between visits

During the consultation Dr. Chow will also ask questions concerning your general health and any medical condition you may have. In this way he can modify treatment to align with conditions such as diabetes. He believes that practicing responsible aesthetic dentistry is the key to success for his practice as well as the health of his patients.

Tackling fear of dental treatment

Another part of the consultation, particularly for new patients, is listening to patients, and understanding their concerns and worries. Patients that are very anxious about dental visits can rest assured that their needs will be met regarding pain relief, sedation and pace of treatment.

Residents of the Thousand Oaks and surrounding areas who are looking for a compassionate dentist who understands their fear can rely on Dr. Chow. He has been practicing holistic dentistry for decades and knows this aspect of dental care is very important in relieving stress and resistance to seeing the dentist. His view is that patients must feel comfortable and confident in the way their dental needs will be met. In that way patients won’t put off visits to the dentist until the
situation is extreme.