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Meet one of the best dentists in Salt Lake City, Dr. Brigham Stoker, and his incredible staff!  They always do their best to make sure your experience here at the Salt Lake City Dental Center as comfortable, painless, and quick as possible! Whether you need a regular dental check-up, have a dental emergency, or just want to talk about all of your dental treatment options, we will take care of all of your dental needs.

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We perform almost every dental procedure you can think of here at Salt Lake City Dental Center: Fillings, Crowns, Dental Implants, Whitening, Braces, Invisalign, Root Canals, Dentures, Emergency Dental Visits, Surgery, Smile Reconstruction, and any other dental service you may be in need of.


Call/text (801.505.6850) or e-mail us today ([email protected]) to schedule a dental appointment. Emergency dental visits, second opinions, dental cleanings, etc. We always love accepting new patients and we’re even open on Fridays! We will help you figure out your dental insurance, assist you in setting up a payment plan, or figure out how to get you the treatment you need even if you don’t have dental insurance.

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Here at Salt Lake City Dental Center, Dr. Brigham Stoker and staff do everything they can to make sure your dental experience a great one! We know it is hard to choose a dentist in Salt Lake, so we hope this website will help you get to know our dental practice a little bit better and be useful as you begin your dental journey with us. Our goal is to create a site that helps you, as a dental patient, gain a greater understanding of modern dentistry and the dental services we offer to all our patients, with our without dental insurance. As our website grows, we will continue to add educational content and stories of real patients receiving the treatments they need in our Salt Lake dental clinic. We hope to help you understand concepts like how getting tooth fillings before cavities progress too far can help avoid more costly procedures, how to know when you may need a dental crown, how a root canal isn’t as bad as you may think, how mini dental implants can stabilize your existing dentures, how standard dental implants are changing dentistry, and how Invisalign, 6 month braces, or conventional orthodontics can change your smile. And ultimately we want to demonstrate that whether you are looking for basic tooth whitening or a full mouth reconstruction, we will do our best to provide the same high quality of service and comfort to every patient.

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Take a minute to read some of our great patient reviews. Our patients are part of what make our practice what it is, and we do

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Volcano Hazards Program CalVO Medicine Lake volcano

Medicine Lake Volcano from a distant northern view.

Medicine Lake volcano is situated just east of the Cascade Volcanic Arc axis in northern California’s high desert 55 km (35 mi), northeast of Mount Shasta. Also known as the Medicine Lake Highlands, this volcanic region covers a total area of about 2,200 km2 (850 mi2), extending approximately 80 km (50 mi) north-south and 50 km (30 mi) east-west. A shallow, but wide (7×12 km, 4.3×7.5 mi) caldera basin containing its namesake lake is located at the summit of the volcano. Intermittent, mostly effusive (non-explosive) eruptions over the last half-million years produced this large, shield-shaped volcano. In the last 13,000 years, effusive flank eruptions created expansive lava flows with single flows covering as much as 195 km2 (75 mi2). Two-thirds of Lava Beds National Monument, on the north flank of the volcano, is covered by one such flow. Seven of the nine eruptions of the last 5,200 years, however, included an early explosive phase. The two youngest sent ash tens of miles downwind during their explosive phases before switching to slow effusion of thick, glassy-looking lava flows (obsidian) forming Little Glass Mountain about 1,000 years ago, and, Glass Mountain about 950 years ago. Exploratory drilling and geophysical studies reveal a high temperature geothermal system below Medicine Lake volcano fueled by a deeper zone of partially molten rock (magma). Ground surveys by USGS scientists show that the center of the volcano is slowly subsiding, due to motions on through-going regional faults and weakening of the rocks by high heat flow. Most notable seismically over the last three decades were a series of shallow earthquakes in 1988-89 (magnitudes of 4.1 and less).
Location: California, Siskiyou & Modoc Counties
Latitude: 41.611° N
Longitude: 121.554° W
2,412 (m)
7,913 (f)
Volcano type: composite (red map area)
Composition: basalt to rhyolite
Most recent eruption: 950 years ago
Nearby towns: Dorris (CA), Malin, Merrill, Tulelake, Klamath Falls (OR)
Threat Potential: High *

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