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Rule-breaker. Boundary-pusher. Creative innovator ready to ignite a revolution in health care. Sound familiar? If so, then we encourage you to apply to Carle Illinois.

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The Carle Illinois College of Medicine at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is the first college of medicine in the world specifically designed at the intersection of engineering and medicine.

Journey + Experience

A curriculum as innovative as you. The Illinois Model for medical education is the world’s first curriculum infusing engineering, medicine and humanities to create a truly innovative future centered on the human condition.

Life + Wellness

You’ll love life in Champaign-Urbana. With few distractions and surprisingly urban amenities, Champaign-Urbana is an affordable, culturally diverse community. And, our wellness resources will equip you for life as a physician-innovator.

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World-class research faculty in the classroom.

From inventing the MRI to discovering the third domain of life, Illinois research pioneers have been improving the human condition for 150 years.

Breakthrough research

From inventing the MRI to discovering the third domain of life, Illinois research pioneers have been improving the human condition for 150 years.

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Inaugural faculty, Carle Illinois College of Medicine

World-class research faculty in the classroom

Carle Illinois faculty has a broad range of expertise and are shaping the future of health care delivery, technology and medical education.

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ALL UPDATES regarding the Coronavirus will be on the University website. The University will update this link with information as it becomes available. Thank you. 

Letter from President Dietz (March 2)

Letter to students, faculty and staff (January 29)

Information from the CDC and WHO.

Prevention and Treatment – Members of the campus community are strongly encouraged to read the guidance provided by the CDC regarding preventive steps to avoid the spread of respiratory diseases. 

Johns Hopkins coronavirus map

Prescription Pick-up from the ISU Pharmacy:

For students needing to pick-up prescriptions from the ISU Pharmacy, please call 309-438-8709.  Our Pharmacy staff will be able to work with you over the phone and conduct your pharmacy transaction.  Once your transaction is complete and you have arrived at the Student Service Building, please call the Pharmacy again and a member of staff will meet you at the building’s west door (off the parking lot) and bring your prescription to you.  Please have a picture form of ID with you.  Thank you.

Congratulations to Jason Hartzler, Student Insurance Manager

Jason received the Civil Service Distinguished Service Award, presented at Founder’s Day.

Jason Hartzler, Civil Service Award

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Germs are Everywhere

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