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For your convenience, all of our doctors and practitioners are now conducting appointments over the phone or via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom, etc. Virtual appointments can be billed to your insurance, the same as an in-person visit, based on your policy. New patients welcome!


Call us at 847-236-1701 ext. 0 to from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Friday to schedule an appointment.


Our Apothecary is open for curbside pick-ups or deliveries. Call 847-236-1701 ext. 1 or order online.

Choosing integrative care for yourself can be a puzzle.  You know that your health does feel right; you know you don’t want to mask what can be mysterious symptoms. You know that you want one place that can help you solve the puzzle.

Within our state of the art integrative medicine facility, The Center for Holistic Medicine providers work collaboratively, bringing all the elements of healing the root cause of illness and relieving symptoms through behavior, nutrition, lifestyle and medical intervention.

Under one roof, we have 12 providers from Functional Medicine to Internal Medicine and General Practice, as well as behavior therapists, pain management specialists, and alternative providers, all of whom work in harmony for patients. We have onsite lab testing for microbiome and general lab tests, a fully stocked apothecary (and online)

For example, if you have pain, you may also feel anxiety.  Pain is an inflammatory condition that can be helped with an anti-inflammatory diet, and the right exercise or stretching. You may require medication or alternative modalities.  A treatment plan can address part or all of these.

Many more conditions—like menopause, depression, gut issues, autoimmune conditions, require a multidisciplinary approach to treatment.

Integrative Services need not be expensive.  Whenever possible, our providers are in-network for insurance plans.  We offer Shared Medical Visits, modeled after the Cleveland Clinic programs, to allow for a multidisciplinary treatment plan in a group setting.  We are the only Integrative center in the tri-state area to do this.

Big systems offer short appointments and long waits.  Our appointments are 30-60 minutes, and we do all we can to be on time.

Get help with your health and wellness — make an appointment today.

We are excited to welcome Dr. Frances Baxley, a board certified family physician and a functional medicine practitioner. Dr. Baxley sees adults and children of all ages for acute needs, preventative services, and chronic illnesses, and she also treats both children and adults under the Functional Medicine model of healthcare, which seeks to determine how and why illness and disease occurs and seeks to restore health by addressing the root causes of the disease for individuals. Dr. Baxley completed her medical training at Harvard Medical School and her residency in Family Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Baxley today!

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Best Phoenix Dentist | #1 Holistic Dentist Phoenix Arizona 85086



Biological dentistry is the practice of a dentist basing their care and treatment with the understanding that everything in the mouth and what happens with your teeth and gums may result in an impact on the entire body and it’s systems.

Natural Dental Partners is a biological dentist office that treats in a preventative way, which is always the path to the best cure.Through biological dentistry, tooth decay and rot  is both preventable and curable when coupled with the correct nutrition plan.

Dr. Mahn believes he should question his use all dental tools and materials prior to any implementation. One very important factor that differentiates a regular dentist from a biological dentist is that they practice in a method that eliminates using or implanting any metal and/or other foreign materials in your teeth and gums. This alleviates any unnecessary issues and future consequences with the mouth, teeth and gums.



There is not a difference between a holistic dental office and a biological dental office. They both practice dental care using the most natural and effective means of treatment, while aiming to reduce the levels of metals and outside foreign objects used for care.

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What Is The Holistic Method In Medicine

Sports medicine doctors are medical practitioners, who tend to athletes and players. In historical occasions, ginger was regarded highly as a spiritual cleanser, used during holy days to awaken & purify the body, thoughts, and spirit. Orthodox Medicine has evolved from its founding rules right into a mannequin that is at this time, based on illness care.

But if my colleagues from medical school and residency are any indication, then the ABIM take a look at forces the re-emergence of the psychotic faculty pre-meds dormant in every of us. Sometimes panic ensues. Students could also be refused entry to, or be faraway from, the College’s Register of Medical Students on grounds that may be either educational or non-academic (for example well being or conduct).

Specific frequencies can actually be programmed in to the h20 molecules, instructing the cells of the body to behave or behave in sure ways which can intrude with destructive vibratory patterns current in instances of sick health & promote therapeutic & varied strategies to combating most cancers cells effectively.

Crotolus horridus – Blood disease, hemorrhage from orafices, discoloration of skin with swelling. Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Coaching Program is open to PhD college students, postdoctoral fellows and medical college students keen on pursuing careers as physicians, scientists and engineers targeted on musculoskeletal illness.

three. The research and remedy of general ailments or those affecting the internal parts of the physique, especially those not normally requiring surgical intervention. Generally germs in different components of the body, especially within the lymph system and the blood, can travel to the urinary tract and trigger infections.

15 Superior industrial countries (except for the United States ) sixteen 17 and lots of growing international locations provide medical services by means of a system of common well being care that goals to guarantee care for all via a single-payer health care system, or obligatory private or co-operative medical health insurance That is supposed to make sure that all the population has entry to medical care on the premise of want quite than capability to pay.…

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