Scrubs brand FIGS comes under fire for ‘insensitive’ ad featuring female physician

FIGS, a medical apparel company known for its fashionable scrubs, has come under fire for an “insensitive” video that portrayed female doctors of osteopathic medicine as “dummies.”

a person holding a sign: A medical worker walks past a sign that reads "Express Care."

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A medical worker walks past a sign that reads “Express Care.”

In the marketing materials, a woman wearing a set of pink scrubs and a name tag with the abbreviation DO, for doctor of osteopathic medicine, is holding a “Medical Terminology for Dummies” book upside down. Many in the medical community criticized the since-removed ad as misogynistic and disrespectful toward female physicians and DOs.

“We are outraged that in 2020, women physicians and doctors of osteopathic medicine are still attacked in thoughtless and ignorant marketing campaigns,” the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine said in a statement. “A company like FIGS that asks us to spend money on its product should be ashamed for promoting these stereotypes. We demand the respect we’ve earned AND a public apology.”

The organization Physicians for Patient Protection said it was “dismayed” by the Los Angeles-based company’s marketing.

“Our DO colleagues are highly trained physicians, many of whom hold leadership positions in academia and have authored medical texts themselves,” the organization said in a statement to ABC News. “Many of our DO colleagues are also women. And they may wear pink scrubs, but they’ve never needed to read any textbook made ‘for dummies.'”

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FIGS apologized for the video on Tuesday, saying it had “dropped the ball.”

“A lot of you guys have pointed out an insensitive video we had on our site — we are incredibly sorry for any hurt this has caused you, especially our female DOs (who are amazing!),” the company tweeted Tuesday. “FIGS is a female-founded company whose only mission is to make you guys feel awesome.”

Dr. Stephanie Markle, DO, MPH, an ICU doctor and surgeon in Kalamazoo, Michigan, told ABC News that the “blatantly misogynistic” ad has angered many in the medical community. Markle said the ad is particularly harmful as someone who experiences sexism and has to “constantly validate” herself as a female physician.

“I have to explain to people multiple times: I’m not the nurse, I’m not the dietitian, I’m not the janitor,” she said.

Female doctors also tend to make less than men, she noted. Male primary care physicians make about 25% more than their female counterparts, according to Medscape. Among specialists, they make 31% more, it found.

“The sexism is still so prevalent that this was such a slap to the face,” Markle said.

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DOs are fully licensed physicians who take a more holistic approach to medicine, compared to medical doctors. Dr. Miranda Rosenberg, MD, a resident in the ABC News Medical Unit, said the ad was particularly insensitive “especially after so many doctors have sacrificed so much

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Top 50 Most Attractive And Inspiring Female Fitness Models

From long-distance runners, to ballerinas, to yogis and celebrity trainers, these sexy, trendy and in-shape fitness beauties constantly show off their gorgeous, fit bodies on social media for the world to enjoy. Thank god they do too, because I’m thirsty! But these women are more than just thirst-traps. They are inspirational.

Not only will we rank some of the sexiest bodies on the planet, but we will also list all of the proper diet and nutrition information these girls use in their day-to-day lives – alongside all of the high-intensity interval training and different whole-body compound exercises they do to achieve success.

No one is saying it is going to be easy to get that level of physical fitness, but at least we know that it’s possible, all thanks to these women. Follow along with this story and be inspired to get fit in a healthy way. #1 and #2 are TOTAL stunners, prepare yourself!

50. Christmas Abbott

If you have ever wondered if female weightlifters are capable, you haven’t seen Christmas Abbott’s Instagram profile. This girl knows how to lift extreme weights – you can see that just by looking at her body. All of her muscles are properly defined – in fact, her back and lateral muscles are bigger than what even some male athletes have. Her Instagram is currently sitting at around 391,000 followers, so do check it out.

To improve your diet, Abbott recommends that you only skip on two types of products – alcohol and processed foods. Other than that, you can consume all of the healthy proteins, carbs, and fats. For exercise, Abbott recommends short, high-intensity training sessions that can easily melt your fat away, and improve your musculature. HIIT sessions can work wonders for this type of training, as well as basic compound exercises at the gym.


49. Emily Skye

Emily Skye is another successful and popular Instagram fitness celebrity. She is obviously in the shape of her life – she looks happy, and is radiating with positive energy in the above photo. She is the most famous celebrity to be featured at this point of this article, at 1.8 million followers – that’s several times more than some of the other celebrities.

Emily is neither vegan nor paleo – she tries to eat healthily, but also includes snacks in her diet. Clean eating to her is all about feeding your body with the right nutrients at the right time. She stays away from as much packaged and processed food as possible – so no microwave dinners if you follow this diet. If the packaging lists ingredients you don’t know or can’t even pronounce, then that’s a processed food which you shouldn’t be eating.

48. Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin knows a thing or two about social media – that’s why her account currently has over 4.1 million followers and is growing on a daily basis. She is so good at keeping her body in a perfect shape that she has been on

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Female Fitness Fashions And Female Fitness Opponents 3

Boot camp fitness packages are scientifically designed exercises to swimsuit a wide range of people that value physical fitness and are severe about remaining physically agile and trim. However, that’s precisely what you will have to do. Some people have this misconception of not eating after a certain time of day or evening,which actually only slows your body (metabolism) down will assist them drop pounds, but it surely would not. Andreia Brazier is another born in Brazil fitness model.

Elliptical cross trainers provide a complete, low affect cardiovascular exercise, combining both the higher and decrease physique. For this reason correct and steady fitness and train is so essential to maintaining healthy body weight and proper muscle tone. It is a loopy mixture of yoga, Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, calisthenics, weight coaching and kickboxing which is guaranteed to get your heart pounding and your muscular tissues burning like never before.

Preventing accidents is important to all fitness packages. Over the last few weeks, we have been trying to increase the conversation about health and fitness past numbers, labels and meals teams and we are going to take it one step additional this week.

The benefit seen from including simply 20 minutes of exercise to your each day routine are unbelievable. She has been in fitness magazines such as MuscleMag, Oxygen, Muscle and Fitness, Muscular Development and Flex. Yoga workouts will also be included in your routine to get a very good end result.

With 36 gyms all throughout Indonesia, there’s certain to be a hip Superstar Fitness gymnasium close to you. A successful set of exercises, finished frequently, can add 2-3 inches of height over time. Bodily fitness and train in people could be seen in the same method as advantageous tuning a car’s engine.

One of the best of the most effective – fantastic resistance coaching and the best level of aerobic train demanding oxygen to your entire body to tug you through the water. Embarking on a new fitness regime could be a daunting prospect if you’re in good health and much more of a challenge if you are carrying a long-time period harm or ongoing illness.…

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Health Benefits Of The Female Orgasm

Social health, together with mental and physical health, is among the key features to find out the general properly-being of a person. I am aware of orange peels and lemon peels usage for skin and sweetness care, however that is good info provided by you. Eat satisfactory amounts of biotin to promote healthy skin. In his e-book “Salt your Way to Health” Dr. David Brownstein writes about learning in medical faculty that salt causes high blood pressure and so we must be on a low-salt weight loss plan.

Home treatment for seborrhea, or somewhat, against seborrhea – utilizing onion peels brew for laundry your hair will preserve your hair dandruff free, healthy and thick. I bought tired of using the swish and swallow medicine four occasions a day, and was lastly referred to an ear nose and throat specialist.

Occasional overindulgences won’t damage your health irreparably, but your physique will want time to restore afterwards. Overlook lipo, dry pores and skin brushing helps to break down any trapped toxins from throughout the body and help your body eradicate them through its normal elimination channels.

A healthy diet and weight are also necessary to maintain your eyes healthy and helps to guard towards many circumstances which will affect the eyes. Vitamin E has many health boosting properties, one among which being its antioxidant function – antioxidants combat free radicals in the physique which may cause cancer, in addition to indicators of premature growing older.

United Approach, 2-1-1 and Health Leads came together to publish a brand new whitepaper — Social Determinants of Health: Overcoming The Best Boundaries to Affected person Care — to share lessons from their many years of experience navigating sufferers to the important resources they have to be healthy.

This contains traits of the natural setting , the built setting , and the social setting Components resembling clean water and air , sufficient housing , and protected communities and roads all have been found to contribute to good health, especially to the health of infants and kids.…

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