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Your smile can play a huge role in our self-esteem and our confidence. If there’s something about your smile that leaves you feeling low, it may be time to consider a cosmetic dentist San Diego. You may increase your confidence, improve functionality, and increase your self-esteem. At The Art of Dentistry, we have developed a one-of-a-kind formula for creating smiles. We follow a unique 7 Step Process to ensure our patients leave with a perfect smile. Combined with advanced technology and our philosophy of collaborative treatment, we make sure our patients receive care that is both comprehensive and precise.

We offer advanced CEREC technology that can be completed in just one office visit. If you are looking for an efficient and less time-consuming solution for tooth restorations, it may be time to talk to our staff about CEREC crowns, bridges and veneers. The superior results of this technology may be exactly what you need, without having to schedule multiple appointments. At The Art of Dentistry, we respect how valuable your time is, which is why we offer crowns, bridges, and veneers in just one visit. Don’t waste time with inconvenient traditional solutions that involve long waiting periods, goopy impressions, and temporary crowns. We offer our patients a one and done visit with our same high-quality care.

We always make sure that patient care is a top priority. Whether it’s Dental Crowns or Dental Bridges, we want our patients to understand the procedures and feel secure in their treatment. So if you’re facing any of the following conditions, dental crowns may be right for you: Large Fillings, Excessive Wear, Cracked Teeth, Broken Cusps, Dental Implants, Root Canals. Crowns are essentially just a cap that goes over a damaged tooth. Dental Bridges are similar, but concern crowns for restoring multiple teeth.

In addition to these restorative procedures, we also offer Invisalign to help our patients achieve a more beautiful smile with straighter teeth. Convenient and comfortable, Invisalign® allows for patients to eat normally, clean easily, and remove this modern alternative to braces. These are all things traditional braces can’t offer. If you’re ready to stop living with crooked teeth, and start feeling confident in your smile, give us a call today: 619-291-4325

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San Diego Dentist – General & Cosmetic

Make a Memorable First-Impression
with a Beautiful Smile

Once you achieve a healthy smile, why not enhance its aesthetics? We offer a selection of cosmetic dentistry options to resolve your flaws to give you a perfect smile. Whether you have crooked, cracked, chipped, or stained teeth, we have a cosmetic dentistry solution to fix it. We aim to provide high-quality cosmetic solutions to our patients to keep their smiles looking great for years to come.

To decide which cosmetic treatment is right for you, Dr. Safarian will meet with you for a cosmetic consultation during which you will discuss what you dislike about your smile and what you would love for it to look like. Dr. Safarian will then recommend one or several treatments that will address your problems and make your smile goals a reality.

Some of our most popular treatments include professional teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental crowns, inlays, onlays, gum lift surgery, and a complete smile makeover. Dr. Safarian might recommend a full smile makeover if you have multiple problems you would like to address. Regardless of which treatment you receive, Dr. Safrian designs them to fit your specific needs and goals. Let Dr. Safarian design your dream smile today.

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