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Personal Trainer Sample Exam Questions

The personal trainer sample exam questions shown on this page are simply an indication of the nature of questions in the personal trainer exam. The personal trainer courseware includes the complete study material required for answering all the questions in the personal trainer exam. The sample questions displayed here are not part of the personal trainer certification final exam.

Barbell Rear Delt Row- Gym Training

What is the exercise in the picture called?

a)Barbell Rear Delt Row
b)Good mornings
c)Barbell shrugs
d)Dead lift


Which muscles does the Pectoral Fly work?

What is the exercise in the picture called?

Cable Lateral Raise Gym Training

a)Cable Incline Tricep Raise
b)Cable Shoulder Raise
c)Cable Lateral Raise
d)Cable Deltoid Raise

Give the correct sequence for performing a Barbell Close Grip Bench Press? 
1.Keep your wrists straight and your elbows close to your body
2.Grip the barbell with your hands 15-18 inches apart
3.Push the barbell back up while exhaling
4.Lift the barbell off of the rack and slowly lower it towards your chest

What is Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR?
a)It is the breakdown of the ingested food leading to the production of energy
b)It is a set of constructive metabolic processes
c)It is an individual’s minimum calorific requirement at rest
d)It is the rate required to maintain a stable internal environment


_________ are used best for opposing muscle groups.
b)Drop Sets
c)Push-Pull Sets
d)Staggered Sets


The Rotator Cuff Injury is an injury of the:


__________ measures the flexibility of the lower back and that of the hamstring muscles.
a)Hip Flexor flexibility
b)Sit and Reach test
c)Passive range of motion
d)Dynamic flexibility


State whether true or false:

The volume of training load is directly proportional to its intensity.


In which type of muscle action does the muscle shorten in length as it contracts?


Which of these is a determinant of VO2 max?
a)Cardiac output


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Group Fitness Certification | AFAA

Get all the support you need.

From start to finish you’ll have access to email, phone and chat support from AFAA specialists. Plus, you’ll enjoy ongoing support as part of AFAA’s extensive community of Group Fitness Instructors.

Get Started Now! You have 180 days from your enrollment date to take the certification exam. Additionally, a valid photo ID and CPR/AED certification are required at the time of your exam. For more information about the exam, click here.

The Practical Way  Upon earning your GFI certification, The Practical Way will provide a strong foundation for you to build your future as a Group Fitness Instructor. These brand new post-certification activities empower you to excel in the exciting group fitness community and fully prepares you to hit the ground running with your very first class.

What’s the difference between Group Fitness and Group Exercise?  Group Fitness, Group Exercise and Group Ex are different ways of describing the same thing, a wonderful community experience that makes people healthier and happier. So call it whatever you like. Our mission is to help train instructors to lead the greatest classes possible, and that’s what our Group Fitness Instructor is all about. Interested in how to become a Group Fitness Instructor? Learn more.

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NESTA Personal Trainer Certification | Fitness Education

Choose from a wide range of primary, advanced and specialized educational courses and certifications. You will enjoy a rewarding and personally fulfilling career in fields such as: fitness, nutrition, lifestyle consulting, personal training, sports conditioning, personal development or coaching. Our graduates are hired by leading health clubs and gyms around the world. Many graduates have become incredibly successful as entrepreneurs, too. The choice is yours. We support and guide you each step of the way.

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Board of Medicine | Office of Professional Licensure and Certification

Welcome to the Board of Medicine.

Due to the current State of Emergency around the COVID-19 Health Advisory, all board and licensing business is being done electronically via email at this time. Please do not call the office or any board phone listed on this page at this time. Please email the Staff listed below and your inquiry will be responded to as soon as possible during normal business hours, Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

Mission Statement

To protect the public from the unprofessional, incompetent, or impaired practice of medicine.

The Board of Medicine issues licenses to qualified Allopathic and Osteopathic physicians and physician assistants based on nationally recognized credentialing standards. The Board regulates the minimum standards for professional conduct and continued competence and takes disciplinary action against licensees who fail to meet these standards.

Contact the Board

Contact the Board of Medicine.

Mailing Address

State of New Hampshire

Office of Professional Licensure and Certification

Board of Medicine

121 South Fruit Street, Suite 301

Concord, NH 03301-2412

(603) 271-1203 (Main number)


Pending full license application

Pending locum tenens application

Pending renewal application

Peggy Berube

(603) 271-6935 (phone)
[email protected] (email)

Pending camp application

Sharon Canney

(603) 271-4728 (phone)
[email protected] (email)

Verify a Physician or Physician Assistant license or change of address

Muriel Lariviere

(603) 271-6936 (phone)
[email protected] (email)

Inquiries for the Complaint Department

Victoria Hebert

(603) 271-6930 (phone)
[email protected] (email)

Board Investigator

Victoria Barnard

(603) 271-4161 (phone)
[email protected] (email)

Board Administrator

Penny Taylor

(603) 271-1205 (phone)
[email protected] (email)

Continuing Education

Mary West, CME Coordinator

New Hampshire Medical Society

(603) 224-1909 (phone)
[email protected] (email)


Opioid Prescribing

The board has compiled a list of resources for prescribing opioid for pain management.

NH Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Legislative Committee Appointments

The Board is looking for volunteers for the following Legislative Committees/Commissions:

  • Senate Bill 447 requires the Board to appoint one licensed physician to a commission to study Narcan.
  • Senate Bill 523 requires the Board to appoint three licensed physicians, one of whom shall specialize in pain medicine, one of whom shall specialize in addiction medicine and one of whom practices in the field of primary care medicine, to a commission to study requiring controlled drugs and controlled drug analogs to be provided in abuse-deterrent formulation. The Board has already appointed a physician who specializes in pain medicine.
  • Senate Bill 135 requires the Board to appoint a pediatric physician licensed under RSA 329 and another pediatric health care provider to a screening commission to assess and recommend measures for preventing childhood lead poisoning and improving screening rates among NH children ages 6 years old and younger.
  • Senate Bill 530 requires the Board to appoint a physician assistant to a commission to study volunteer health services.

Declaratory Ruling

Newly Adopted Board Rules:

At its meeting on January 8, 2020,

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