Disc Medicine Expands Scientific Advisory Board with Leading Experts in Hepcidin Biology

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Disc Medicine, a company dedicated to the discovery and development of novel therapeutic candidates for serious and debilitating hematologic diseases, today announced the appointment of Tomas Ganz, MD, PhD and Elizabeta Nemeth, PhD to its scientific advisory board, adding valuable expertise in hepcidin biology.

“We are thrilled to welcome  Dr. Ganz and Dr. Nemeth to our Scientific Advisory Board, particularly at such an exciting time in a field that they helped pioneer,” said John Quisel, JD, PhD, Chief Executive Officer at Disc Medicine. “Together they were instrumental in characterizing the fundamental role of hepcidin in iron homeostasis, and I’m delighted to be working with them as we advance our hepcidin-targeted programs into the clinic.”

Dr. Ganz is a Distinguished Professor of Medicine and Pathology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, where he studies the role of small peptide regulators in human physiology and disease and is credited for the discovery of the iron-regulatory hormone hepcidin. Dr. Ganz received his PhD in Applied Physics from Caltech and his MD from UCLA, joining UCLA as a faculty member in 1983 after having completed training in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Medicine. In 2005 he received the Marcel Simon Prize of the International Bioiron Society for the discovery of hepcidin and in 2014 was honored by the E. Donnall Thomas Award from the American Society of Hematology for his research in iron homeostasis, including the discovery of the iron-regulatory hormone hepcidin and investigation of its roles in iron metabolism.

“It has been immensely gratifying to see the hepcidin story unfold as our understanding of hepcidin’s role across different diseases has grown,” said Tomas Ganz, MD PhD. “Disc has taken a compelling approach to targeting hepcidin with two programs guided by human genetic findings. I’m delighted to be a part of this vision, particularly as they look to enter the clinic with their first program next year.”

Dr. Nemeth is a Professor of Medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, and Director of the UCLA Center for Iron Disorders. Dr. Nemeth received her PhD in Cell, Molecular and Neurosciences at the University of Hawaii and completed a postdoctoral fellowship studying the pathobiology of hepcidin at UCLA. During her tenure she has made major contributions to the understanding of iron homeostasis and its dysregulation in disease, such as characterizing the regulation of hepcidin production by inflammation and iron and elucidating the mechanism of action of hepcidin in regulating dietary iron absorption and release from stores. Dr. Nemeth also described the role of hepcidin in various iron disorders including hereditary hemochromatosis, iron-loading anemias and iron-restricted anemias. Dr. Nemeth was a standing member of the Molecular and Cellular Hematology Study Section of the National Institutes of Health, is President-Elect of the International BioIron Society, and an associate editor of the American Journal of Hematology. Dr. Ganz and Nemeth co-founded three biotechnology companies focused on hepcidin-targeted diagnostics

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Cy-Fair ISD school board approves additional desk shields for second half of semester

With more students returning for the second half of the fall semester, the Cy-Fair ISD board of trustees approved the purchase of additional desk and tabletop protective dividers for protection during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After Trustee Tom Jackson asked about the desk shields’ effectiveness, Chief of Staff Teresa Hull said the shields have been approved by Memorial Hermann doctors collaborating with the school district and advising the district on precautionary COVID-19 measures.

“When we started looking at the number of students that we anticipated would be returning to campus, especially the second marking period, we reached out to Memorial Hermann and asked that very question,” Hull said. “They felt very strongly that that absolutely was a layer of protection; when you couple it with the mask, it definitely is helping us minimize the number students that may be identified as a close contact (during contact tracing).”

Previously, Chief Financial Officer Karen Smith said the district is working on recovering funds used on COVID-19 precautions and online learning.

“Because we didn’t have face to face (instruction) in the building there are costs we simply did not incur,” Smith said. “But if you recall we have instructional packets that we delivered. We purchased PPE when we were planning for this before COVID actually hit so bad that the schools were closed.”

Cy-Fair ISD has lost $2.2 million in revenue from food services, $16.1 million is expected to be spent from the general fund for the 2020-2021 school year, $500,000 was spent on personal protective equipment and $5.2 million for social distancing measures and more according to the presentation from Oct. 8.

[email protected]

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Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners

Thanks to the generosity of DentaQuest (contributing $100,000) and Envolve/Arizona Complete Health (contributing $100,000), the Arizona Dental Association (AzDA) has put together this registration page allowing licensed Arizona dentists, who register, to receive FREE Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The type and amount of PPE that each registered dentist receives will be determined at the sponsors’ discretion. Beyond DentaQuest, Envolve/Arizona Complete Health, and AzDA, special thanks go to the Arizona Board of Dental Examiners (BODEX), AHCCCS, and the Arizona Association of Health Plans for helping coordinate this PPE initiative. To successfully register for PPE below, there are a total of three pages, so make sure you see the confirmation page (pg. 3) and receive a confirmation email.

Please be sure to provide the correct information and register by August 31, 2020.

Learn more about the Arizona Dental Association and its other member benefits; like the upcoming Autumn eLearning Series.

Visit their websites to learn more about Envolve, Arizona Complete Health, and DentaQuest.

Recognition of Mary DeLaat Williams, Esq.

Mary DeLaat Williams (pictured to the right of Heather Hardy, RDH, Board President) served the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners, as its general counsel, from 1994 – 2019. The Board greatly appreciates her time and energy that she put in to serve the Board and the dental profession. She has been a valuable asset for 25 years and will be missed.









Licensure by Universal Recognition

On August 27, 2019, the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners will begin accepting applications for licensure by universal recognition. The universal recognition policy allows Arizona residents to use a current professional or occupational license from another U.S. jurisdiction to qualify for an Arizona license to work. To qualify, an applicant must:

  1. Prove residency in Arizona
  2. Be currently licensed for at least one year in another U.S. jurisdiction in the discipline applied for and at the same level of practice as recognized in Arizona;
  3. Be in good standing in all states where currently or previously licensed;
  4. Have met all applicable education, work, exam, and/or clinical supervision requirements in the other state where originally licensed;
  5. Complete a criminal background check when required by law;
  6. Take and pass any applicable exam on Arizona state law; and
  7. Pay all applicable fees to the Board.


INITIAL APPLICATION – Online Submission (Once all required fields are completed, a “Click to Sign” button will display at the bottom of your screen).

Renewal Fee Waiver

Enacted Session Law Sec. 11 State Board of Dental Examiners; renewal fee waiver; delayed repeal.

A. The State Board of Dental Examiners shall provide a one-time waiver from license renewal fees for dentists, denturists and dental hygienists who are licensed in this state before January 1, 2018.

B. The one-time waiver provided in subsection A of this section is effective for licenses renewing in calendar years 2018, 2019 and 2020.

C. This section is repealed from and after December 31, 2020.

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Coronavirus in China: Beijing wants to promote traditional medicine but not everyone is on board

Every morning and evening, the 38-year-old was handed a bag of brown soup — a traditional Chinese remedy blended from over 20 herbs, including ephedra, cinnamon twigs and licorice root.

But unlike most patients around him, Xiong was skeptical of its efficacy and refused to drink it.

“In my opinion, it is a sheer placebo,” said, Xiong, who was discharged in late February from the makeshift hospital run by TCM doctors where no Western medicine was provided, apart from medication for underlying conditions, such as high blood pressure.

The “lung-clearing and detoxing soup,” as the herbal compound he was given is called, was part of the Chinese government’s push to use Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak.

As scientists race to find a cure and vaccine, China is increasingly turning to its traditional remedies. As of late last month, more than 85% of all coronavirus patients in China — about 60,000 people — had received herbal remedies alongside mainstream antiviral drugs, according to the Ministry of Science and Technology.
“We are willing to share the ‘Chinese experience’ and ‘Chinese solution’ of treating Covid-19, and let more countries get to know Chinese medicine, understand Chinese medicine and use Chinese medicine,” Yu Yanhong, deputy head of China’s National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said at a press conference last week.
But even in China, where TCM has a large number of adherents, the government has been unable to quell its skeptics — like Xiong. Abroad, the herbal remedies could face even more skepticism from Western medical experts, who have long questioned their safety and effectiveness.
The Chinese government has been promoting the use of traditional Chinese medicine to treat Covid-19.

Search for a cure

There is no known cure for the coronavirus which has killed more than 4,000 people, sickened over 115,000 and spread to 75 countries and regions worldwide.

Scientists are working to find ways to stamp out the deadly virus. But for now, the mainstream antiviral treatments focus on relieving the symptoms — and that’s where China believes its ancient remedies can help.

“By adjusting the whole body health and improving immunity, TCM can help stimulate the patients’ abilities to resist and recover from the disease, which is an effective way of therapy,” she said, adding that traditional medicine had helped fight viruses in the past, such as the SARS pandemic in 2002 and 2003 that killed hundreds in China.

So far, more than 50,000 novel coronavirus patients have been discharged from hospital, and the majority of them used TCM, Yu said, citing it as evidence for the efficacy of using Chinese and Western medicine in tandem

In a clinical trial of 102 patients with mild symptoms in Wuhan, patients with combined treatments compared with the control group of patients receiving only Western medicine, Yu said. Their recovery rate was 33% higher, she added.

In another study of more serious cases, patients receiving combined treatments also left hospital sooner than the control group and had greater levels of oxygen in their blood and a higher lymphocyte count — an

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Official Website of the Board of Veterinary Medicine

The Board’s mission is to promote the public health, safety, and welfare by safeguarding the people and animals of Idaho by establishing and enforcing professional standards in the licensure and regulation of veterinary health professionals.


Due to COVID-19 Pandemic – Please use email for all of your questions and communications, [email protected]
(We will not have anyone in the office to answer phones.)   

Our mail service has been cut to two (2) days per week, so there will likely be some delay in receiving and processing applications. 

Please check our website for updates at:  www.bovm.idaho.gov/

Regarding Continuing Education, (CE), for the upcoming renewal season: 
The Board made a temporary rule change to the CE credit requirements.  For the renewal season of 2020, we are cutting the number of credits required
IN HALF, and ALL of them can be taken online.
The specific language for the Temporary Rule Change to be posted soon.)

This means that to renew in May and June of 2020:
Veterinarians will only need 10 credits.
CVT’s will only need 7 credits. 
All credits can be done online.

We thank you again for your continued patience as we all work through this together.


COVID-19 info for Veterinarians and CVT’s:

Board policy on Telemedicine please click HERE 

FDA update on Telemedicine please click HERE

From the
CDC(Center for Disease Control)


CDC on Businesses and Employers:

From Idaho Dept. of Healthand Welfare: Coronavirus facts

Idaho Health & Welfare Epidemiology:

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Wyoming Board of Medicine


ATTENTION PHYSICIANS: Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Wyoming Board of Medicine has adopted an emergency rule extending the current license expiration date of its licensees from June 30, 2020, to September 30, 2020. Licensed physicians will need to renew their licenses on or before 5:00 pm, September 30, 2020. The renewal application system is scheduled to open in July 2020. As in previous years, the Board will send renewal reminders to its licensees both by mail and e-mail when renewals have officially opened.  

Beginning April 6, 2020, you will be able to use the Print My License tool on the Board’s website to print a copy of your license with the updated expiration date. If you would like a mailed copy of your updated license, please call the Board office at (307) 778-7053 or  by e-mailing [email protected] 

The Online Physician Assistant Renewal for 2020 is now CLOSED.

To renew under the grace period, click HERE


The Board of Medicine reminds licensed Physician and Physician Assistants that new laws regarding the prescription of controlled substances and CME requirements were passed during the 2019 legislative session. In conjunction with the Wyoming Board of Pharmacy, the Board of medicine has mailed pertinent information regarding these new laws to each licensee that holds a Wyoming Controlled Substance Registration. To view the letter, please follow the links below: 


Wyoming Board of Medicine has adopted the Chronic
Pain Management Toolkit,
developed by the Wyoming Rx Abuse Stakeholders


Board urges physicians and physician assistants treating chronic pain in their
practices to make active use of the Toolkit.  It contains guidelines, forms, and checklists
to assist in effectively treating patients’ chronic pain while ensuring

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Board of Medicine | Office of Professional Licensure and Certification

Welcome to the Board of Medicine.

Due to the current State of Emergency around the COVID-19 Health Advisory, all board and licensing business is being done electronically via email at this time. Please do not call the office or any board phone listed on this page at this time. Please email the Staff listed below and your inquiry will be responded to as soon as possible during normal business hours, Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

Mission Statement

To protect the public from the unprofessional, incompetent, or impaired practice of medicine.

The Board of Medicine issues licenses to qualified Allopathic and Osteopathic physicians and physician assistants based on nationally recognized credentialing standards. The Board regulates the minimum standards for professional conduct and continued competence and takes disciplinary action against licensees who fail to meet these standards.

Contact the Board

Contact the Board of Medicine.

Mailing Address

State of New Hampshire

Office of Professional Licensure and Certification

Board of Medicine

121 South Fruit Street, Suite 301

Concord, NH 03301-2412

(603) 271-1203 (Main number)


Pending full license application

Pending locum tenens application

Pending renewal application

Peggy Berube

(603) 271-6935 (phone)
[email protected] (email)

Pending camp application

Sharon Canney

(603) 271-4728 (phone)
[email protected] (email)

Verify a Physician or Physician Assistant license or change of address

Muriel Lariviere

(603) 271-6936 (phone)
[email protected] (email)

Inquiries for the Complaint Department

Victoria Hebert

(603) 271-6930 (phone)
[email protected] (email)

Board Investigator

Victoria Barnard

(603) 271-4161 (phone)
[email protected] (email)

Board Administrator

Penny Taylor

(603) 271-1205 (phone)
[email protected] (email)

Continuing Education

Mary West, CME Coordinator

New Hampshire Medical Society

(603) 224-1909 (phone)
[email protected] (email)


Opioid Prescribing

The board has compiled a list of resources for prescribing opioid for pain management.

NH Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Legislative Committee Appointments

The Board is looking for volunteers for the following Legislative Committees/Commissions:

  • Senate Bill 447 requires the Board to appoint one licensed physician to a commission to study Narcan.
  • Senate Bill 523 requires the Board to appoint three licensed physicians, one of whom shall specialize in pain medicine, one of whom shall specialize in addiction medicine and one of whom practices in the field of primary care medicine, to a commission to study requiring controlled drugs and controlled drug analogs to be provided in abuse-deterrent formulation. The Board has already appointed a physician who specializes in pain medicine.
  • Senate Bill 135 requires the Board to appoint a pediatric physician licensed under RSA 329 and another pediatric health care provider to a screening commission to assess and recommend measures for preventing childhood lead poisoning and improving screening rates among NH children ages 6 years old and younger.
  • Senate Bill 530 requires the Board to appoint a physician assistant to a commission to study volunteer health services.

Declaratory Ruling

Newly Adopted Board Rules:

At its meeting on January 8, 2020,

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Florida Board Of

Once you go to your dentist’s workplace and open the door, the very first thing you see is the ready room. Karen says: “People who are frightened of the dentist usually name us for assist because they’re on the finish of their tether. Good dentists rapidly attract optimistic word of mouth, so pay attention to what others are saying about their dentists in Derby. Dental faculty packages typically embody coursework in subjects comparable to native anesthesia, anatomy, periodontics (the study of oral illness and health), and radiology.

Some practices make use of observe managers so that dentists can think about scientific work. Dentists have glorious knowledge of human anatomy and oral diseases. Costs for NHS dental therapy are set at a flat rate, depending on what sort of remedy the affected person requires.

Might treat ailments of nerve, pulp, and different dental tissues affecting oral hygiene and retention of tooth. It’s sometimes known as ” sleep dentistry,” although that’s not entirely accurate. You take the health of your teeth and gums significantly.

Oral and maxillofacial pathology – The examine, diagnosis, and typically the treatment of oral and maxillofacial related illnesses. It is not uncommon for dentists to proceed partially-time apply well beyond the standard retirement age. “A wealthy patient falling over because of having a tooth extracted with such vigour by a trendy dentist”, c. 1790.

Many dentists are certain to offer session providers the place they make an effort to talk to the patient comfortably. If you want to know more about dental therapy in the Inverness Dental Centre Pupil Clinic, please see the Affected person Info Leaflet on Dental Remedy by College students for further particulars.

Dentists present instruction on food regimen, brushing, flossing, using fluorides, and other areas of dental care. Lastly, after checking the web and Yellow Pages, it is a good idea to ask family, mates and different individuals you understand about which dentists they advocate.…

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