Redmi Band is a sub-$15 fitness tracker with a 1.08″ color display, 14-day battery life

Xiaomi is currently one of the leading players in the global wearables market, thanks to its Mi
Band line of affordable fitness trackers. Its Redmi sub-brand has now entered the wearables market (via MyDrivers) with its first fitness tracker, called the Redmi Band.

The Redmi Band sports a 1.08-inch color display and offers over 70 watch faces to choose from. Placed below the display is a capacitive button for UI navigation. Redmi’s first fitness tracker also offers sleep tracking, sedentary reminders, multiple sports modes, heart rate monitoring, and a built-in USB-A connector for direct charging. While the Redmi Band doesn’t come with NFC and a few other features that are available on the Mi Band 4, it is claimed to provide up to an impressive 14 days of battery life on a single charge.

The Redmi Band’s retail price has been set at 99 yuan ($14) in China, which makes it more affordable than Xiaomi’s Mi Band 4. It will be available for crowdfunding in the country for 95 yuan ($13) from April 9. While Redmi hasn’t announced any plans of launching the fitness tracker outside China yet, we wouldn’t be surprised if it debuts in India and a few other markets sometime later this year.

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The new Wyze Band brings fitness tracking and Alexa to your wrist for $25

Wyze is a company known for its low-cost smart home devices such as cameras, light bulbs, plugs, and more. Today, Wyze is announcing its foray into health tracking with the Wyze Band, and Wyze Scale.

Wyze Band looks much like your typical fitness band, only it has a few extra tricks others don’t. It has the expected features like step and sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, and notifications, but the included microphone and AMOLED display team up for some unique interactions.

Through the Wyze Band, you’ll have direct control over the company’s other products, like the Plug or Bulb. Not only can you control your other Wyze devices, but since the band has Alexa built-in, it opens up controls for so many other smart devices too. Through interactions with the microphone as well as the customizable AMOLED screen, you’ll be able to control your smart home easily from your wrist.

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Wyze Band will net you 5 ATM of water resistance — 50 meters up to 10 minutes — and up to 10-days of battery life under normal use. You can pick up the Wyze Band, for $24.99 if you are part of the Early Access group on the Wyze app or the Wyze website. Otherwise, you can get it in April through Amazon.

Wyze Scale is a smart body composition analyzing scale that will allow you to track a multitude of metrics through the Wyze app on your phone. It’s meant to give a more complete picture of your health by tracking things like your weight, body fat, lean body mass, heart rate, and eight other essential health points.

Within the Wyze app, you can see all the metrics that are tracked via the scale and also get some explanations as to what they mean. The app will also show you trends over time as to how your body is changing, as well as how your levels compare to others in your age and gender class. At launch, the information from the scale can sync with your Apple Health and Google Fit accounts, with Fitbit and Samsung Health to follow suit soon.

The Wyze Scale works for families as well, with the ability to automatically detect and track up to eight profiles, with an unlimited number of one-off measurements for those without profiles. After setting up the scale with the app, when you step on, the LED screen will display measurements, and the profile it will be synced to.

Like the Wyze Band, the Wyze Scale is launching for Early Access on March 24 and with a public launch slated for April 2020 priced at $19.99.

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Health (band) – Wikipedia

Health (often stylized as HEALTH) is an American noise rock band from Los Angeles, California.


Health was created after its members agreed the name should be an “everyday word.” After reviewing a long list of terms, “health” was the only one not taken.[6]


Health first gained reputation through a remix of their song “Crimewave” by experimental electronic band Crystal Castles in August 2007. The rendition helped broaden Health’s audience in anticipation for their full-length debut a month later released under LovePump United. The band’s self-titled album was recorded in L.A.’s noise/experimental venue, The Smell. Known for its DIY mystique, Health knew how difficult, yet rewarding, it would be to record in the space. Famiglietti said in an interview, “The room completely changes the tone of anything you want to record; makes a lot of things dark and beautiful. It also makes everything sound like “CLANG!” We didn’t realize how hard it would be at all, we especially weren’t prepared for the Vaquero bar dropping the reggaeton jamz at 1pm every day.”[6] Their unique sound on the album caught the attention of Spin in which they wrote, “The near-innocuous opening track of Health’s self-titled album, “Heaven,” segues into the 36-second neurotic dissonance of “Girl Attorney,” which picks up tempo on its transition into “Triceratops”—a thrashing scourge of screeches, feedback, and gratuitous clanging reminiscent of Liars laced with a relief of a Deerhunter meditation.”[7]

Health released their first remix album in 2008 with remixes of tracks off their debut album. The CD also included 5 data-only tracks that can be accessed through a computer. This was the band’s highest rated album on Pitchfork with a score of eight.[8]

In 2008 the band also opened for the industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails on their Lights In The Sky final tour for five months (July–December).[9]

Get Color[edit]

To promote their 2009 album, Get Color, the band held a sweepstakes contest, in which a winner of a golden ticket was awarded a free trip to Los Angeles to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain with the band. Other prizes included locks of the band members’ hair and posters autographed in blood.[10] The album earned a score of eight from Pitchfork in which the review claimed “Never merely meager, this project delivers, both when you’re waving your orgy-snorkel all blotto on-the-town, and for a soundtrack to serious rumination at your midday desk of harsh reality.” Duzsik agreed with an interviewer that Get Color was indeed more accessible than their self-titled debut, but “It’s still crazy, though.”[8] The track “Die Slow” was released as the album’s single with its music video garnering nearly 500,000 views.[11][12] The album received a positive score of 7.4 on Pitchfork.[13]

The band’s second remix album with tracks from Get Color continued to receive critical acclaim. BBC reviewed the album and said, “Whatever HEALTH’s secret is for excellent remix

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