These Arizona bars, gyms and theaters are cleared by state to reopen


The Arizona Department of Health Services has given the OK for dozens of gyms, bars and theaters to reopen after reviewing their plans to limit the spread of COVID-19 at their businesses. (Photo: David Wallace/The Republic)

The Arizona Department of Health Services has given the OK for dozens of gyms, bars and theaters to reopen after reviewing their plans to limit the spread of COVID-19 at their businesses.

The green light was given to two movie theaters, 31 fitness centers and five bars, though some of the businesses, like EoS Fitness, run multiple locations.

Last week, Gov. Doug Ducey and DHS unveiled complex new guidelines regarding when those businesses can reopen based on the rate coronavirus is spreading in a given county.

Counties are rated in one of three categories for community spread — substantial, moderate and minimal — and the less community spread, the more businesses can be open and the more guests they can welcome.

The plans also include the ability of businesses to apply to reopen with special precautions, and more than 600 companies shut down by the governor’s June 29 order have done so.

More approvals are likely each day as DHS reviews those applications.

“ADHS staff are reviewing them as quickly as possible,” spokesman Steve Elliott said.

Six businesses were denied their applications to reopen but can appeal, he said.

Some businesses ready, some not

The Village Health Clubs have been eager to bring people back in, said President Carol Nalevanko, so the approval from DHS for all four Phoenix-area locations is welcome news.

The company has locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Chandler.

The tennis centers, spas and salons remained open after Ducey’s closure order, and now the fitness centers can reopen and more of the 900 employees can return to work.

The company spend about $120,000 on air-purifying systems at its facilities and will limit capacity to keep guests and workers safe, Nalevanko said.

“We have quite a reduction in our actual membership,” she said. “Some members are afraid to come. Some no longer are able to come.”

She said her company has been trying to communicate with DHS that gyms are safe, citing industry data that shows low COVID-19 infection rates among gym users nationwide.

“It shows you can run health clubs safely,” she said. “Putting us always in with bars is hurtful to our industry. We view our industry as a place to come be healthy and fit. Absent a vaccine, the best way to avoid getting COVID-19 is to strengthen your immune system and be healthy.”

Not only will the fitness centers take guests’ temperatures when they arrive, but if a guest turns out to get COVID-19, the Village can use its member check-in system to notify other members who might have been exposed, she said.

“We can do some contact tracing with employees and members,” she said, adding that the clubs have used that capability for one or two times when a member has reported testing positive for COVID-19.

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EoS Fitness secures state’s approval to reopen gyms in Arizona


The Arizona Department of Health Services has approved a reopening plan for more than 20 gyms in the Phoenix area operated by EoS Fitness. (Photo: Michael Chow/The Republic)

The Arizona Department of Health Services has approved a reopening plan for more than 20 gyms in the Phoenix area operated by EoS Fitness.

The gyms will be some of the first to open their doors after the state announced a number of health benchmarks to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and guide the reopening of certain businesses.

When the benchmarks were announced on Aug. 10, the spread of COVID-19 in Maricopa County was “substantial” by state guidelines and had not slowed to a safe threshold for opening gyms. Still, the state said it would consider plans for reopening that followed stricter safety policies than will be required when the benchmarks are met.

The approved plan for EoS Fitness centers includes limiting occupancy to about 100 members, or 10% capacity. Saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs and basketball courts — places where people are likely to come in close contact — will stay closed, according to the company’s website. The gyms will have water refill stations as opposed to drinking fountains, and will space exercise equipment at least six feet apart.

EoS Fitness said it would not hold group fitness classes until the spread of COVID-19 is downgraded to “moderate” in Maricopa County, per the health department benchmarks.

While EoS gyms in Utah and Nevada are also open, California locations remain closed.


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Gym owners have been some of the most vocal opponents to Gov. Doug Ducey’s health restrictions during the pandemic, with a handful of companies challenging the closure orders in court. A legal challenge from the parent company of EoS was consolidated into a lawsuit issued by Mountainside Fitness in July.

Last week, four Phoenix and Scottsdale fitness facilities that reopened despite state orders received notices from the department ordering them to shut down.

MORE: Standoff between some Arizona gyms, Gov. Doug Ducey intensifies

“We know COVID-19 has been a real challenge for many businesses, and we understand the impact these public health measures have,” the health department said in a statement. “Our commitment is to keep Arizonans as healthy and safe as possible, and we appreciate business owners’ patience and cooperation throughout this pandemic.”

As of Friday, 95 bars, 89 gyms and five movie theaters had submitted proposals for reopening, according to a health department spokesperson.

The state said it was working quickly to review the applications, and had so far approved two plans — for EoS Fitness and Training for Warriors – Estrella in Goodyear — and denied four.



Do police treat people of color differently? A Republic investigation shows how much.

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EoS Fitness reopens in Arizona with state approval | Arizona News

TEMPE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — EoS Fitness reopened its doors to members Saturday morning under a reopening agreement with the Arizona Department of Health Services, the company’s CEO Rich Drengberg announced through a letter sent to members via e-mail.

The Arizona Department of Health Services told Arizona’s Family that EoS Fitness submitted a proposal to reopen and it was indeed approved. Another gym, Training for Warriors – Estrella in Goodyear, has been approved to reopen as well. 

The Arizona Department of Health Services released the state’s benchmarks on Monday providing guidance for when some businesses can resume operations. 

At least a dozen EoS Fitness members, wearing masks, were waiting outside the Tempe location located near Warner Road and McClintock Drive about 10 minutes until doors opened. It’s not clear how many were allowed inside with reduced capacity.

James Chavez was one of the first in line. He lives in Buckeye and drove 45 minutes to workout at the Tempe location. He said it was the only one with a slot available and has been eagerly waiting to get back in the gym.

EoS Fitness reopens in Arizona with apparent approval

“I feel like we can go to the grocery store whenever we want, but we can’t go to the gym. And that’s part of your mental health. It’s part of your physical health. it’s just — Arizona needs that,” he said.

Members are not able to just walk into any EoS location. In order to use any of the 33 Arizona facilities, they must book a workout time slot ahead of time with as much as 24 hours in advance.

The Tempe location is open 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, and goes back to a 24 hour operation Monday.

Drengberg’s letter also states, “Part of the current Reopening Agreement that allows us to reopen immediately is that in-gym capacity will be limited (and enforced) to ensure that social distancing is completely achievable. Based on the current COVID-19 downward trend in Maricopa County, we anticipate being at an increased capacity level within the next few weeks.”

The list of rules on the EoS Fitness website for members include:

  • Members must wear face coverings
  • Members are required to sanitize every piece of equipment before and after use
  • Maintain 6 feet of social distancing

The online list also includes what the gym agreed to:

  • Limit number of members at one time
  • Staff continuously circulates to discourage close proximity workouts
  • Hospital grade/CDC recommended disinfectant and hand sanitizer available in all areas of club

All members must wear a face covering and the issue is “non-negotiable.” If you don’t want to wear one or have health reasons for not wearing one, EoS advises you wear a face shield. If members are not willing to do that, the rule suggests “now is not a good time to hit the gym.” 

On Monday, Arizona released benchmarks and guidance for reopening gyms, bars and movie theaters. 

According to AZDHS, at close of business on

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Arizona court rules gyms should have opportunity to reopen

Fitness centers must be provided a prompt opportunity to apply for reopening, the decision from the judge said.

PHOENIX — Editor’s note: The above video is from an Aug. 3 newscast

An Arizona judge ruled Tuesday that gyms should have the opportunity to reopen. 

Mountainside Fitness and EOS Fitness were plaintiffs in the lawsuit filed against Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey.

Gyms are set to be closed until at least Aug. 10 after Ducey extended executive orders that closed gyms, movie theaters, bars, water parks and tubing.

On June 29, Ducey said those businesses in the state must close until at least July 27.

On July 23, Ducey extended the closure for another two weeks where the closures would then be reviewed again with another two-week extension or a lift of the order.

“The Executive Orders, as implemented, violate procedural due process,” the ruling from Judge Timothy Thomason reads. “As set forth above, fitness centers must be provided a prompt opportunity to apply for reopening. The process for doing so must be in place within one week from the date of entry of this Order. The Executive Orders, however, do not violate substantive due process.

“We are reviewing the order. Our focus is on protecting public health, and working with the private sector on how and when to safely reopen,” a spokesperson for Ducey’s office told 12 News.

Mountainside Fitness had previously filed for a restraining order against Ducey’s initial June 29 orders, but lost the decision.

RELATED: Judge denies Mountainside Fitness’ restraining order against Ducey’s gym shutdown

A judge last month also ruled against Xponential Fitness after the company sued the state over Ducey’s executive order.

RELATED: Judge rules against Xponential Fitness in lawsuit against Arizona over shutdown order

Will Humble, the former Arizona Department of Health Services director, was a witness for Mountainside Fitness. He said with proper procedures, gyms could mitigate the risks of spreading the virus.

For Humble, the evidence points to gyms not being in the same class as bars or nightclubs.

“Not risk-free, not risk-free. I’m not saying that. But it certainly is not in the same risk category as a bar or a nightclub.” Humble said. “I do think the benefits of opening that facility outweigh the risks.”

Current state health director, Dr. Cara Christ, testified for the state and disagrees. 

“The risk is really with the type of activity that they are doing and the intensity of breathing. And so that is what makes it very different than being in a grocery store or a hardware store.“ Dr. Christ said. 

In short, Christ said those going to the gym are likely to be younger, in the demographic most likely to show no symptoms of the disease. This coupled with intense breathing during a work out makes it easier for the virus to spread.  

“We know even if the guidelines are followed there is a higher inherent risk when you are exercising for the transmission of COVID-19,” Christ said. 

Christ said while masks and

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Biological dentistry is the practice of a dentist basing their care and treatment with the understanding that everything in the mouth and what happens with your teeth and gums may result in an impact on the entire body and it’s systems.

Natural Dental Partners is a biological dentist office that treats in a preventative way, which is always the path to the best cure.Through biological dentistry, tooth decay and rot  is both preventable and curable when coupled with the correct nutrition plan.

Dr. Mahn believes he should question his use all dental tools and materials prior to any implementation. One very important factor that differentiates a regular dentist from a biological dentist is that they practice in a method that eliminates using or implanting any metal and/or other foreign materials in your teeth and gums. This alleviates any unnecessary issues and future consequences with the mouth, teeth and gums.



There is not a difference between a holistic dental office and a biological dental office. They both practice dental care using the most natural and effective means of treatment, while aiming to reduce the levels of metals and outside foreign objects used for care.

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