Enclara Pharmacia Announces the Appointment of Mark Morse as CEO

Enclara Pharmacia, the market leader in comprehensive pharmacy management services to the hospice community, announced today the appointment of Mark Morse as Chief Executive Officer. He will assume day-to-day leadership of Enclara and work in partnership with its current leadership team to help reduce pharmacy costs for hospices, improve patient care, and support caregivers through digital innovation, medication access, clinical care and more.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20201014005070/en/

Mark Morse, Chief Executive Officer, Enclara Pharmacia (Photo: Business Wire)

Mark succeeds Andy Horowitz, Enclara founder and CEO, who made plans to move into a strategic advisor role as part of Humana’s acquisition of the pharmacy services provider in February. In the months since, Horowitz has provided direction and leadership throughout the integration process to help bring the two companies together and ensure a smooth transition. He will continue to act as a strategic advisor as part of the Humana-Enclara agreement, and remain involved in the long-term success of the company.

“A key part of our strategic plan, established when Humana agreed to acquire Enclara, was that I would transition into an advisory role when it made the most sense,” Horowitz said. “I believe we have reached a point where it is time for a new leader to execute on the roadmap we have established. I’m really proud of the entire Enclara team and the company we have built together, and I am confident in how Mark will lead Enclara into the future.”

Before joining Enclara, Morse most recently served as Humana’s vice president of Pharmacy Service Operations, overseeing a team of approximately 3,000 associates in 16 domestic and overseas locations. Under his leadership, Humana was named the best in Mail Order Pharmacy Customer Satisfaction in the J.D. Power U.S. 2020 Pharmacy Study, the third consecutive year Humana received this honor. Throughout his over 30-year career, Morse has also led the strategy and operations for many large-scale sales, systems and customer-focused initiatives.

“Andy and his team have built an amazing company, which serves a critical and noble need in the market and for the patients it serves,” Morse said. “I care deeply about advancing both Enclara’s growth and hospices’ capacity to provide quality end-of-life care. My goal is to leverage Humana’s scale and resources to help Enclara deliver timely and cost-effective pharmacy solutions while maintaining what makes Enclara uniquely Enclara.”

Morse’s previous roles at Humana include serving as practice leader for pharmacy benefit management sales, generating an additional $50M in annual revenue. He was also sales director for national and major accounts. Prior to joining Humana in 2001, Morse spent six years with United Healthcare, serving as the business owner for its consumer portal and operations director for health plan and systems migrations. Morse holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Systems from Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, America’s first technological research university.

About Enclara Pharmacia

Enclara Pharmacia is a national full-service PBM and mail order supplier of medications and clinical services developed specifically for the hospice and

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Man yanks out two teeth with rusty pliers after he couldn’t book dentist appointment

A desperate man resorted to yanking two of his own teeth out after being unable to book a dentist appointment.

Chris Savage performed the self-dentistry in his bedroom because he could not register with a dentist or book an emergency appointment, saying it was the ‘most horrible thing I’ve ever done.’

The 42 year old said he had been in ‘agony’ for days, saying that just touching the tooth with his rusty pair of pliers set off waves of ‘agonising pain.’

The labourer admitted he had to get ‘very drunk’ by downing eight cans of Stella Artois to mask the pain before he pulled out the first tooth. He then waited another 24 hours to pull the second out – this time sober.

Chris said he was in ‘agony’ for days

Mr Savage, from Southsea in Portsmouth, said: “I ended up having to get very drunk the first time.

“Nobody wants to take part of their own face away with a set of pliers and no real painkillers.

“I put the pliers on my tooth and the second I did that it hurt.

“So I took them away, waited five minutes, built up again and then thought I’ve just got to do it.

Chris used a rusty set of pliers to take the teeth out

“It was a proper yank, a grip and pull – there’s no mucking about once you get to the point it’s started coming out.”

Mr Savage added that though there wasn’t much blood there was ‘enough to be scary’, and that it was ‘worth the risk of infection’.

The father of three didn’t register with an NHS dentist when he moved to Portsmouth from Alton, Hants, three years ago.

The teeth Chris pulled out himself

He lost his two front teeth in a bicycle crash last year, and when he began to experience pain recently he called around 20 dental practices, none of whom were taking on new patients.

He then phoned 111, who directed him to a practice that had volunteered to do triage appointments during the pandemic to help the NHS, but was referred back to 111 when he contacted them.

“It was like a massive game of pass the parcel”, he said.

Mr Savage signed up to receive Universal Credit during lockdown, leaving him with £50 a week for food and bills, meaning he was reluctant to spend the £100 per tooth it would have cost him to have them removed privately.

Chris lost his two front teeth in a bicycle crash last year

He said: “I could’ve waited a week – borrowed money, and had it done in hygienic conditions but there was no way I could’ve waited.

“Hygiene wasn’t going through my head, it was just ‘get this out’ – but the relief was worth it.

“The squelch noise as you pull

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New Patients / Make an Appointment

Please consult our important notice to patients before visiting our clinics.

Dental student with patient

“I highly urge people to go there. The treatment you get is superb. [The student clinician] is very meticulous. The teacher will talk to the student right in front of me, which I enjoy. It’s a tremendous learning experience for me. You’re going to go there, and you’re going to walk out and go ‘Wow.’ ”

Welcome to the UW School of Dentistry where we have several options available to manage your oral health care. Please contact us by choosing one of the options below.

New Patients

Please call 206.616.6996 to make an appointment for a new patient screening appointment. This appointment will determine which clinic best meets your treatment needs. 

Clinic Comparison Chart
Type of clinic

UW Dentistry

UW School of Dentistry

Campus Dental Center 

Teaching Clinics

Specialty Clinics

How care is delivered Highly skilled, experienced faculty providers from the UW School of Dentistry deliver general and specialty care. Dental students working toward their DDS degree, under close UW School of Dentistry faculty supervision, deliver care. Dentists studying an advanced specialty, under UW School of Dentistry faculty supervision, deliver care.
Time required for care The same time as a private dental office. Approximately two to three times longer than in a private dental office. Varies by procedure; generally, somewhat longer than in a private dental office, but not as long as a teaching clinic.
Fees charged Prices are competitive with local private dental practices. Approximately 30-40 percent less than private practice. Generally, less than private specialty practice.

During your screening appointment, a brief oral evaluation and assessment of your dental needs and concerns will be completed to determine if your dental needs are appropriate for our teaching mission.  This screening is not a complete examination and during this visit we will not be providing a definitive diagnosis, treatment plan, or cost estimates. 

If accepted as a patient, and you decide to receive dental care at the School of Dentistry, a Comprehensive Examination appointment will be scheduled for a fee of $70.00 – $100.00 plus an additional $75.00 – $140.00 for x-rays.

Please visit our Dental Student Clinic page for more information about becoming a patient at the School of Dentistry. If you already have a referral to one of our clinics, please visit our Clinics page.

If you are an existing patient seen by a predoctoral student

If you need to make a follow-up appointment, cancel, or reschedule an appointment, please call 206.616.6996 option 2.

If you need urgent care

If you need urgent care, please call 206.543.5850 between 8:30 and 4:30 Monday through Friday. For after hours emergencies, if you are an existing patient, please call 206.616.6996, otherwise you can call the University of Washington emergency department at 206.598.4000.

Directions and Parking
MyDental Patient Portal (For current patients)

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