Stamina InMotion E1000 Compact Elliptical Trainer

Bringing a change to a sedentary lifestyle is important. It is the most common reason for many health issues. Many a time we forget we are working all day long. But our body activity is inversely proportional to that. Weight gain, low stamina, lethargy, diabetes, raise in cholesterol level, the list of health issues is too long when you are inert. 

So, what we need is- just a bit of activity and calory burn. When your body is active, you are going to burn calories. That leads us to one simple solution. And that is staying active. For that, we have a compact elliptical trainer for you. You can use it while sitting or standing. You will find out more as we are reviewing it in detail.

Review of Stamina InMotion E1000 Compact Elliptical Trainer

This elliptical trainer is a tool for everyone there who have no time to exercise. Compact and portable. Carry it to your office and workout while working. It is that silent tool that helps you in burning calories without letting you know. It doesn’t demand extra time as well. Available in three colors- orange, silver, and green, this tool is the need of the hour. 

Workout Options

You can work out in two positions. You can stand and pedal or sit and do the same. Stand and workout if you are at home and have time. Sit and pedal when you are busy doing something else. Pedaling also offers two options. Both forward and reverse. So, you can target different muscles. If you want something bigger and different, check

Quiet and Easy To Carry

It is a quiet machine. The best thing about it is you can take it anywhere, even to the office, and no one will realize you are working out. It fits comfortably under the desk. Work as well as work out. As it is small and easy to carry, you can take it to your office and bring it back to the house and continue working out.

Burn Calories

The elliptical trainer promotes passive, low-attention exercise. You are pedaling, so it is great for cardiovascular health. Leg movement is best for leg muscles and toning the lower body muscles. It improves blood circulation and burns calories.


It has a tension adjustment knob. Increase or decrease the level of intensity with it. Monitor your workout stats as it has a monitor that shows quite a few things. The number of strides per minute, total strides, how long you have exercised, and also the calory you have burned.


  • Quiet, lightweight and small in size
  • Forward and reverse pedaling in a sitting or standing position
  • Adjust the tension and keep track of the workout stats on the monitor
  • Doesn’t distract, work or play and exercise
  • Three vibrant colors to choose from


  • Needed a handle to move it


If you are finding an easy way out, this is what you need right now. We hope our review will motivate you to exercise. You can take it to your workplace and pedal. The quiet, unintrusive tool will not hamper your work. Play video games and workout simultaneously. Staying fit cannot get easier than this.