Seattle’s Best Group Fitness Classes

Most boutique fitness studios in Seattle focus on a single format with specific methodologies from which instructors cannot diverge. Community Fitness not only offers more formats than any other group exercise studio in Seattle, each seasoned instructor has a unique methodology which makes for an incredibly diverse schedule of classes and programs.

The very best group exercise instructors are natural-born artists who teach as a way of life, as a form of creative self-expression. Their artistry inspires us to express our own creative energy. Most great fitness trainers also exhibit an intriguing combination of both divine masculine and divine feminine qualities, irrespective of their gender. Often referred to as Yin and Yang, an instructor who has both can be a confident leader as well as a compassionate friend.

It’s the instructors themselves that bring the group fitness experience to life. What good is a revolutionary group exercise class if you don’t like the person teaching it? Fitness trends come and go, as does our ability to stay motivated. But relationships with friends, workout buddies and inspirational trainers can keep us accountable and last a lifetime. Which is why our continuing mission is to assemble the most talented and popular fitness instructors from across the city, under one roof.

Our gym is centrally located in Seattle between Greenlake and the University of Washington, two blocks from the Roosevelt neighborhood Whole Foods. While we choose to exercise indoors, we honor our Northwest heritage with decor that embraces natural outdoor elements of wood, metal, stone and natural sunlight.

All three studios have sprung floors to reduce joint impact and acoustical ceilings that allow instructor voices to be clearly heard even when music is playing. Each room has state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems for ambience, and our two largest studios have projectors on either side of an elevated instructor stage, displaying the instructor’s image to improve participant sight lines.

We strive to create a respectful space within our classrooms, where clients can focus on doing what makes them healthy and happy. We define success not by how much revenue our business produces, but by how much revenue we are able to reinvest in our employees, our facility, and our client services.

Building community, where we can work, play, and improve our lives in the great city of Seattle – that’s our mission. We are a relationship based business, not only between instructors and participants, but also co-worker to co-worker and client to client.

“Life is an ensemble performance. No one can do it alone.” ~ Matt Kahn

We need to work together if we plan to succeed and thrive individually and collectively. Everyone is doing the best they can, and we all deserve to be treated with professionalism and respect. It’s time for the qualities of the divine feminine to be brought into equal balance alongside the divine masculine. In honor of goodness, unity and equality, let’s not focus on what divides us, but what we have in common.

We all want to be healthy and fit, or maybe burn calories and lose some weight. Whatever our aspirations may be, with the support of family, friends, neighbors and folks who have similar interests, achieving our goals will be easier, and a lot more fun! At Community Fitness you can sweat, be real, and connect with others doing the same.

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