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Directory of Weight Training and Strength Training Exercises
using dumbbells, barbells,
weight training machines (plates and pulley) and body weight

Exercises By Specific Body Part:

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Full Body Exercises, requiring more than 1 body part:

  • Pull-ups – chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, core
  • Deadlift exercise – 1 of the best when done with good form
  • Renegade dumbbell rows – back, arms, core and legs
  • Best ab exercise – bicycle crunch, ab crunch with leg extension
  • Glutes on LifeFitness Machine – primarily glutes as well as a full leg workout
  • Standing barbell biceps curl – biceps exercise with use of core and legs for stability and support
  • Obliques and abdominals – lose the love handles
  • Bent over or standing chest crossovers – chest, legs, glutes and core for balance and support
  • Abs with exercise ball
  • Squats and squat exercises variations

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Bosu Ball:

Bosu ball workouts


Pilates exercises and stretches
Introduction to Pilates


Learn Yoga
Introduction to Yoga


Shred It with Weights from Jillian Michaels – kettlebell and cardio workout DVD
Kettlebell workout training

For Women

Workouts for Women – Strength training and cardiovascular workouts for women section

Recipes and Healthy Eating:

Exercise Equipment Article Reviews:

Exercise and Fitness Tools:

Exercise Workout Sheets – Keep track of your exercise and weight training workouts
Using a
Heart Rate Monitor
– Teaches you how to use a monitor to calculate precisely your heart rate
Body Fat Calculators – Tools and online calculators to measure body fat

Sports and Sporting Events:

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