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Visiting our office and allowing our best Pittsburgh dentist to care and examine your oral health is the ultimate goal for your search. All our Pittsburgh dentists share the priority of being dedicated to your wellness. Oral health remains our introduction, but we want to ensure you understand the relation of oral and overall health. The best dentist in Pittsburgh always continues this education in effort to develop your personal treatment plan.

We are a gentle dental care team that is pleased to provide and perform most procedures in our office. All of our dentists in Pittsburgh are eager and open to making your experience as comfortable and seamless for your day to day. We look forward to taking the time to get to know each patients and hear your medical needs and wants. 

Our Pittsburgh Dentist is available to listen to what you want from your dentist and provide the best possible care as urgent as your initial contact to us. Making a direct dentist connection within a 24 hour or sooner period, based on your level of urgency and schedule, continues to be our follow up commitment. If your case is a dental emergency and you need emergency dental care we can be prepared to adhere to a more flexible schedule and even directly immediately provide a time into a scheduled seat in front of a specialist.

We look forward to being the best dental practice you’ve experienced. It is our responsibility to provide easy to complete online forms for you to access as soon as you need us.
What a Reliable Dentist provides to New Patients

If you are in search for the best provider of first class quality dental services, you don’t need to look any further since for over 25 years our dental office has continued to be open with the best dentist Pittsburgh has and is the ideal choice to consider and hire. In the present time, there are huge numbers of dental clinics that offer top quality dental services however it is very imperative that you choose the best dental clinic that you can trust and depend on. It is a fact that choosing for the elite provider of dental services is not an easy thing to do since it usually requires time, effort, dedication, intensive research and commitment to make sure that you will come up with excellent results you are expecting. 

At our dental office in Shadyside our dentist has a wide range of oral health care services to new patients from routine checkups and cleaning to teeth whitening and treating oral disease. We are composed of professional, well trained and fully skilled dentists who have vast knowledge, expertise and understanding in providing the best dental services to all their valued clients. Here, you will learn and know some of the dental care services that a reliable and competent dentist provides to new patients.

When you hear the term “endodontics”, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? According to the American Dental Association, endodontics is the treatment, diagnosis, prevention and study of diseases that are associated with the dental pulp and tissues surrounding the roots of your teeth. At the Shadyside office our dentist offers endodontic services to new patients. Endodontics is a type of dental care service aim to save the natural teeth of the patients, in the form of restoring the dental function and health.

Esthetic and Operative Dentistry
Our Dentist offers esthetic and operative dentistry services to preserve the natural dentition of your teeth. This type of dental service address dental problems that include white spot and demineralization lesions, intrinsic tooth discolorations, tooth fractures, carious lesions, disharmonious and dysfunctional smile and tooth erosion or wear. 

Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery
Our Dentist also provides Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery that has the ability to treat deformities of the jaws and face, tumors, injuries and diseases that may require tooth extraction or surgery. 

Oral Medicine and Orofacial Pain
Our Dentist offers this kind of dental care service. This type of dental care service specializes in treating patients who are suffering from oral pain and oral diseases such as breathing issues, jaw disorders, teeth grinding and chronic headaches. 

The Dentist Pittsburgh receives is sure to provide instant care around your availability. At our dental office we want to make sure we are able to provide care that is readily available regardless of your insurance provider. When you have no insurance there is no issue with still receiving the same focused care with our Pittsburgh dentist and plan it without a hassle. Our skills at our Pittsburgh dentist office are polished and crafted to fit regular visits as well the most untimely circumstances for your emergency dental care Pittsburgh needs. We are equipped and prepared for your instant arrival into our Pittsburgh dentist office. Our Pittsburgh dentist office understands what sets us apart from other dentists and Pittsburgh practices. Our seamless and easy scheduling process makes the transition from your learning about your dental issues to calling 412-368-5477 to actually being seen and cared for by our dentist for your dental resolutions. 

How To Choose The Perfect Dentist Pittsburgh PA
Your smile has a substantial effect on your personality. It is important to know that your teeth and gums play a part in your smile. To be sure you achieve the great smile that will enlighten yours’ & other’s day then you must take steps choosing the right dentist Pittsburgh Pa. Our top quality dental care continues to care for patients and instilling education for all. 

Promotion of dentistry and overall improvement of people’s oral health is our focus. Our progressive mindset of dentistry propels our dental services offered. Always offering in one office benefits our Pittsburgh Dentists as well as our patients, who won’t have to have their records transfer from one dentist to another Pittsburgh dentist. 

Our Pittsburgh dentist is aware of the preferences and oral care needed and provide close to all the dental services in a relative and comfortable environment. These familiar environment will help to relieve and reduce stress factors that certain patients may feel meeting a new Pittsburgh dentist. Ask our Pittsburgh dentist about our range of dental services we offer and are earned credentials. 

It is important to take note of the pain you experience and do not to ignore it until the moment you can’t take it anymore. You should see our Pittsburgh dentist to have this problem resolved once you identify it. You should not be waiting until the last minute of a dental emergency when you will need emergency dental care Pittsburgh. Seeing our Pittsburgh dentist prior to this emergency will alleviate all potential problems. 

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