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At Sorrento Dental Care, our goal is to earn every patient’s trust through excellent care that is affordable for your family. In our office, you are not just a number or a set of x-rays. We treat each person as the unique individual that he or she is and custom tailor any treatment to specific needs and goals. We place a high priority on educating our patients about oral health and providing preventive options to stop dental problems before they start.

We can file with ANY insurance provider. Wondering about your coverage? Just ask!
We take the time to answer all your questions during your appointment!
Our technicians, hygienists, & dentists are committed to top-quality care!

How Do You Find a Dentist You Can Trust in Pensacola?

We fully understand that we will have to prove all those things we mentioned above to be true once you become our patient. So how do you find a dentist you can trust by looking at a website? Here are some great tips!

Read the Reviews

We know we may sound a little biased, so don’t take our word for it! Read what our actual patients have to say about their experiences at Sorrento Dental Care. You can find reviews on both Google and Facebook. You will see hundreds of reviews in which patients explain why they love our office and continue to give us such high ratings! There’s a reason we are one of the best-reviewed dentists in Pensacola.

Look for Comprehensive Care

By “comprehensive”, we mean several different things. We view the mouth as an integral part of the whole body. We recognize its effects on the body and the effects of various medical conditions on the mouth. Comprehensive means we look at the whole person.

We also mean that we evaluate your mouth as a whole. Rather than simply diagnosing individual dental problems, we look at trends in order to form a risk assessment. For example, any dentist can fix cavities as they develop. We want to help you understand why you develop cavities and take steps to lower your risk in that area.

Comprehensive also means that we are a full-service, family-friendly dental practice, providing treatment for ages 7 and up. Our dental services include everything from routine exams and cleanings, to dental implants, dentures, and veneers to emergency treatment.

Look for Commitment to Continuing Education

At Sorrento Dental Care, Dr. Christopher Campus, Dr. Victoria Tidwell, Dr. Kent Riley, and Dr. Gabrielle Goodman are committed to advancing their education as the practice of dentistry continues to change. We stay up-to-date on new dental materials, techniques, and technologies. We strongly believe that the time and money we invest in our continual learning pays off in patient care that is more efficient, safer and more comfortable!

Ready to Schedule an Appointment?

Our doctors and team members are here to serve you and assist you in developing the healthy and beautiful smile you deserve. Everyone at Sorrento Dental Care looks forward to welcoming you to our practice. In the meantime, you can see what dental insurance we accept, what forms you need to fill out for your first visit, and what you can expect during your visit.

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