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Western New York

All Crosswalks Lead to Care

Southern Tier Community Health Center simply did not have enough space. Situated between two poor counties—both federally designated health professional shortage areas—the clinic was stretched thin and could barely fit its providers, let alone serve its high-need population.

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Finger Lakes

Refugees Get Off to a New Start with Health Care Services

Mohammed Hussan is an Arabic-speaking refugee from Iraq; because of his Christian faith, he was jailed and beaten in his home country. Mohammed and his family arrived in Rochester in 2014, where they were able to access health care and rebuild their lives through an innovative program.

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Central New York

A Healthy Valentine’s Day

Riley Elementary’s second-grade class faced an important choice: What snacks would they eat for their class Valentine’s Day Party? The class has been learning about nutrition and physical activity through Oswego County Health Department’s Healthy Highway program.

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North Country

Care for the Whole Family

Lori, a mother of two, could not afford health insurance. Luckily, her children were able to qualify for low-cost health insurance—with the help of the North Country Children’s Clinic, she enrolled them in Child Health Plus.

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Capital Region

Vulnerable Children Receive Vital Oral Health Services

Four-year-old Noah has a happy, healthy smile, thanks in part to the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Smiles Program, a pilot program that is connecting some of New York’s most vulnerable children to oral health services.

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Hudson Valley

New Yorkers at High Risk for Diabetes Find Help from YMCA Program

A diabetes prevention program offered by YMCAs across the State has helped Donald, Grace, and other participants reduce their risk developing the disease by 50% and improve their health and wellbeing.

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New York City

East Harlem Bikes, Runs, and Walks Its Way to Better Health

5-year-old Moa is an expert on Randall’s Island, having explored every corner of the park during weekly visits with his parents. For Moa, his parents, and other East Harlem residents, the ability to access Randall’s Island for fresh air and physical activity has been a boon.

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Long Island

Children Struggling with Mental Illness Get Help at the Pediatrician’s Office

For children living with mental health conditions, finding and receiving timely treatment can be difficult. A new program on Long Island is working to better meet the needs of children with mental health issues and their families.

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