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Please consult our important notice to patients before visiting our clinics.

Dental student with patient

“I highly urge people to go there. The treatment you get is superb. [The student clinician] is very meticulous. The teacher will talk to the student right in front of me, which I enjoy. It’s a tremendous learning experience for me. You’re going to go there, and you’re going to walk out and go ‘Wow.’ ”

Welcome to the UW School of Dentistry where we have several options available to manage your oral health care. Please contact us by choosing one of the options below.

New Patients

Please call 206.616.6996 to make an appointment for a new patient screening appointment. This appointment will determine which clinic best meets your treatment needs. 

Clinic Comparison Chart
Type of clinic

UW Dentistry

UW School of Dentistry

Campus Dental Center 

Teaching Clinics

Specialty Clinics

How care is delivered Highly skilled, experienced faculty providers from the UW School of Dentistry deliver general and specialty care. Dental students working toward their DDS degree, under close UW School of Dentistry faculty supervision, deliver care. Dentists studying an advanced specialty, under UW School of Dentistry faculty supervision, deliver care.
Time required for care The same time as a private dental office. Approximately two to three times longer than in a private dental office. Varies by procedure; generally, somewhat longer than in a private dental office, but not as long as a teaching clinic.
Fees charged Prices are competitive with local private dental practices. Approximately 30-40 percent less than private practice. Generally, less than private specialty practice.

During your screening appointment, a brief oral evaluation and assessment of your dental needs and concerns will be completed to determine if your dental needs are appropriate for our teaching mission.  This screening is not a complete examination and during this visit we will not be providing a definitive diagnosis, treatment plan, or cost estimates. 

If accepted as a patient, and you decide to receive dental care at the School of Dentistry, a Comprehensive Examination appointment will be scheduled for a fee of $70.00 – $100.00 plus an additional $75.00 – $140.00 for x-rays.

Please visit our Dental Student Clinic page for more information about becoming a patient at the School of Dentistry. If you already have a referral to one of our clinics, please visit our Clinics page.

If you are an existing patient seen by a predoctoral student

If you need to make a follow-up appointment, cancel, or reschedule an appointment, please call 206.616.6996 option 2.

If you need urgent care

If you need urgent care, please call 206.543.5850 between 8:30 and 4:30 Monday through Friday. For after hours emergencies, if you are an existing patient, please call 206.616.6996, otherwise you can call the University of Washington emergency department at 206.598.4000.

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