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Mercy Medicine Free Clinic has been serving Florence and Williamsburg counties for more than 25 years. Our employees and volunteers come together to provide free medical and dental assistance to low income, uninsured adults without healthcare benefits. Our goal is to maintain a free medical clinic founded on the Christian principles of love, faith and compassion.  

I was sick and you cared for me

Matthew 25:36

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At Mercy Medicine Free Clinic, we believe. We believe that with the help of Christ and the community we can improve health care of our neighbors. Once you walk through our doors, you are walking into loving hands. Hands of people who strive to serve. We seek to use medical knowledge with Christian love and compassion to heal our patients.

We provide to those who are less fortunate free:

                                         Medical treatment and education
                                         Free medications

                                         Dental care

In 2019 we served 483 patients with 1,644 medical office visits and 298 dental care visits. This is only possible due to the 92 medical, dental and administrative professionals who give their time – more than 1,405  volunteer hours. Our volunteers believe that every person deserves medical care provided with faith, compassion and love.

This effort to provide free health care to our neighbors is also only possible with generous and caring donors.

As a non-profit, we are proud that 96.86% of our funding goes directly to patient care.

Mission:      We provide a free medical and dental home for low-income, uninsured adults from Florence and Williamsburg Counties.

Goal:                We provide holistic, quality, free healthcare with Judeo-Christian values of love, faith, compassion and integrity; providing the indigent with chronic disease management, life-sustaining medication, short-term acute illness (non-life-threatening) and dental pain/infection treatments.

We Believe. We Magnify.
maginify the cross Mercy nonprofit  

Together we join hands and

help people in need.


Please give of your time, your resources and your prayers.

Together We Believe. Together We Magnify.



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