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Delivery & Pick-Up is available 7am – 8pm while dining-rooms throughout Illinois are Closed 

The Medici, originally a gallery and coffee house, was located behind the Green Door bookshop in Hyde Park. Hans Morsbach bought it in 1962 for $1,750. While it remains one of the best coffee houses in the city, the Medici has long offered a full menu. Though it was not easy, and sometimes the odds were long, the Medici grew from humble beginnings to Hyde Park’s largest restaurant. The Medici staff and I are grateful for the loyalty and support of our customers who allowed us to become a success. The Medici is now located on 57th Street between Kimbark and Kenwood Avenues near the University of Chicago campus. We are a two building operation with the combined Bakery & Delicatessen located just east of the Restaurant. Check out our extensive and eclectic menus!

What is the Medici doing to mitigate Virus Spread (besides washing our hands very frequently)?

Well, we’ve

  • added a hospital grade disinfectant that kills SARS-CoV-2 and we’re using it everywhere including to wipe down menus, tables, countertops, condiments, etc.
  • added an alcohol based hand sanitizer to customer areas
  • increased hand sanitizer availability for staff
  • added disposable hand towels to our bathrooms so that doors and sinks can be turned off without direct contact
  • directed all staff to stay home if they exhibit any signs of illness per CDC guidelines
  • removed most of our pre-packaged items from direct customer contact

What are we asking of our Customers?

  • Please stay home if you are not feeling well
  • If you need to sneeze or blow your nose, please use a disposable napkin or tissue and dispose of it in a waste basket yourself, then use hand sanitizer or wash your hands
  • Be respectful of other guests and their surrounding space, staying at least 6-feet away
  • Please be patient with us. It may take a little longer to deliver menus as we are disinfecting them after every use.
  • Understand that we may be operating with a limited staff as we ask any Medici employee who is feeling ill to stay home.
  • Please consider using our on-line portal so that cash and credit cards don’t need to be exchanged
  • Remember we are all a part of this community. Even if your symptoms are mild, you can pass the virus to others who may not be so lucky.
  • Keep informed and up to date on the newest most accurate information. There is a lot of misinformation out there.

Be Safe. Stay Healthy. Be Good Community Members.

Together we can get through this!


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