Margolis Center for Health Policy

The Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy Responds to the COVID-19 Crisis

The Duke-Margolis Center, faculty and researchers from Duke University and Duke Health System, and leaders from across the health care and health policy landscape are actively working together to advance recommendations for collectively addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. The Center will be releasing new working papers, holding informational webinars, and centralizing useful resources for the policy community in the coming days and weeks. These resources will be centralized here and updated regularly.

COVID-19 Working Papers

The Center is writing a series of working policy papers in conjunction with national experts, which will be updated as new recommendations are formulated. The first paper, which recommended formation of Federal task forces to coordinate diagnostic and pharmaceutical development, can be found here. Additional working papers with more detailed recommendations for near-term actions have been released:

Additional papers are immediately forthcoming.

COVID-19 Webinars

As the Center releases new policy recommendations, and as more progress is made in the response to the pandemic, a series of webinars will shed light on remaining challenges and promote potential solutions. The first webinar focused on diagnostic testing capabilities was held on March 31 and can be viewed here.

Contribute Your Solutions

The Center strives to be collaborative in all aspects of its work, and welcomes expertise and guidance on these rapidly evolving issues. Please reach out to us with additional suggestions for resources and effective policies at [email protected] – we welcome your input.

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