I have always had bad bad teeth…. Over the past few months I have had the Iv antibiotics twice due to my dentist

I have always had bad…

I have always had bad bad teeth…. Over the past few months I have had the Iv antibiotics twice due to my dentist saying it was many abscesses and infection that could become life threatening if not treated …. Went from I the hospital began the Iv antibiotics and symptom control but within 24-30 hrs they were like you don’t need antibiotics yes, you need all your teeth pulled and the chronic abscesses could make you I’ll but to basically buck up and deal!!! My dentist once again said it was bad and yes life threatening seeing how the abscesses and infection had gotten into some bone …. I felt completely in the middle …. I am petrified of the dentist and said if I need work done it needs to be under sedation…. Add to the fact that I do not have good vein access at all…. I’ve had to have central lines put in many times when I e needed surgery, during my pregnancies, ect. So, now I sit with one saying you can’t be given sedation …. Sorry, no way in heck I’m going through over 20+ extractions , many are broke off and the remaining is at and below the gum line so those several teeth would have to be cut and dug out as well…… Now within the last 24 hrs I have gotten the worst of any of my tooth/teeth flat ups…. Swelling, gums full of blood and pus, at least 60-70% of the tooth is pure black and you can see the pulp…… I am crying so hard from the pain, it is other wordly …. I would gladly go thru natural childbirth again or my knee replacement 100 honest truth!!!! If I go back to my dentist he’s either gonna say you have to go back ASAP to the hospital for Iv antibiotics and the hospital will bitch and argue and will not put in a central line so no antibiotics or symptom control ….. Or he will say ok, I can’t get a line in you for sedation and I will give you laughing gas ( had it with my deliveries….. Did/does nothing) and give you many shots of numbing med….. Ummmmm, they have sedation dentistry for people like me! Who are scared ( and I’m not a wuss, I can have a central line put in, a knee replacement, natural delivery of twins, a spine tap without making a peep. ! This no way I know it expect now because I am I SO much pain that I can’t talk, swallow, even drink without horrendous pain because of how your tongue automatically pushed against certain teeth…. That light touch hurts so bad it truly makes me want to vomit and scream….. I’m trying not to cry because the pressure just makes it even worse if that’s possible! I never ever thought this type of pain would literally bring me to my knees!!!! To show you just how bad it is I have a photos mu hubby just took to show you…. I just don’t know how to send them…..you can see the teeth affected and the really bad one as its all black and swollen and pushed out of place from the fluid and I maybe infection guessing…..I am truly in SO much pain I feel like I’m gonna lose my mind …. I have pain pills at home here and they are not touching it at all!!!!!!!!!! I seriously want to cut my head off to make the constant pain in my teeth and bone to stop!!!!!! I’ve tried garlic, onion, cloves, vanilla extract….. Cuz I’m that desperate….. Nothing…… Please help

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