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Despite the scale of the challenge, solutions are in sight. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals requires a global shift from treating diseases to strengthening health systems so that all children, adolescents and women of reproductive age have access to affordable, quality health care.

UNICEF works around the world – including in some of the hardest-to-reach places – to help children survive and thrive. Through public and private partnerships at the global, national and community levels, we focus on:

Maternal, newborn and child survival

UNICEF works to end preventable maternal, newborn and child deaths by scaling up essential maternal and newborn care services, sustaining immunization programmes, and supporting preventive, promotive and curative services for pneumonia, diarrhoea, malaria and other child health conditions.

Child and adolescent health and well-being

UNICEF is committed to helping children and adolescents build a solid foundation for adulthood. We support national health plans on adolescent health and well-being, improve age-specific health services for children and adolescents, and help countries combat non-communicable diseases, prevent injuries and better support children with developmental delays and disabilities.

Strengthening health systems

UNICEF supports primary health care, especially at the community level, to help achieve universal health coverage. We work to strengthen health systems to deliver integrated services for children, adolescents and women of reproductive age – focusing on health; nutrition; early childhood development; HIV and AIDS; and water, sanitation and hygiene. Our work also promotes overall health and well-being by focusing on education, child protection and social inclusion.

Health in emergencies and humanitarian settings

UNICEF tackles health challenges in places affected by conflicts, natural disasters, migration, urbanization, and political and economic instability, by supporting direct responses to emergencies and helping to develop resilient health systems that can withstand crises.

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