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Understanding How the Protein Tau Moves Between Neurons Yields Insight Into Possible Treatments for Neurodegenerative Diseases

In the fight against neurodegenerative diseases such as frontotemporal dementia, Alzheimer’s and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, the tau protein is a major culprit. Found abundantly in our … read more

New CT Scoring Criteria for Timely Diagnosis, Treatment of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Updated CT scoring criteria that considers lobe involvement, as well as changes in CT findings (i.e., ground-glass opacity, crazy-paving pattern, and consolidation), could quantitatively and … read more

Global Nuclear Medicine Community Shares COVID-19 Strategies and Experiences

In an effort to provide safer working environments for nuclear medicine professionals and their patients, clinics across five continents have shared their approaches to containing the spread of … read more

Understanding Brain Tumors in Children

The causes of 40% of all cases of certain medulloblastomas — dangerous brain tumors affecting children — are hereditary. A genetic defect that occurs in 15% of these children plays a key role by … read more

Brain illustration (stock image). | Credit: (c) MilletStudio /

Using a specialized magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) sensor that can track dopamine levels, neuroscientists have discovered how dopamine released deep within the brain influences distant brain … read more

Blocking the Iron Transport Could Stop Tuberculosis

The bacteria that cause tuberculosis need iron to survive. Researchers have now solved the first detailed structure of the transport protein responsible for the iron supply. When the iron transport … read more

The Discovery of New Compounds for Acting on the Circadian Clock

Scientists have succeeded in the discovery of novel compounds to lengthen the period of the circadian clock, and has shed light on their mechanisms of … read more

Fast-Tracking COVID-19 Diagnostic, Therapeutic Solutions

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the globe, scientists are working to move solutions to diagnose and treat the virus to the marketplace as soon as … read more

Caring for Seniors During COVID-19 Pandemic

Scientists lay out guidelines and best practices for healthcare providers and family caregivers who are providing care for older adults during the COVID-19 … read more

New Quantum Technology Could Help Diagnose and Treat Heart Condition

The conductivity of living organs, such as the heart, could be imaged non-invasively using quantum technology, which has the potential to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of atrial … read more

A New Mechanism Triggering Cell Death and Inflammation: A Left Turn That Kills

Researchers describe their discovery of a new mechanism that could contribute to the pathogenesis of inflammatory diseases. The scientists found that ZBP1, a protein best known for defending against … read more

Visual Feedback Enhances Activation of Muscle Movement in Response to Bodily Sensation

Visual feedback is just as important as a sense of body position when it comes to the involuntary reflexes that activate muscle movement, says a new … read more

Experiences of Undesired Effects of Hormonal Contraception

A study of women who experienced mental ill-health from a hormonal contraception indicates they value their mental well-being higher than a satisfactory sex life. Their experiences can influence … read more

Amyloid Formation Drives Brain Tissue Loss in Animal Studies

Amyloid plaque formation directly causes brain tissue loss in animals, but a drug called lithium reduces the life shortening effects of this loss, shows a new … read more

Fracking Chemical May Interfere With Male Sex Hormone Receptor

A chemical used in hydraulic fracturing, commonly called fracking, has the potential to interfere with reproductive hormones in men, according to new … read more

Consuming Extra Calories Can Help Exercising Women Avoid Menstrual Disorders

Exercising women who struggle to consume enough calories and have menstrual disorders can simply increase their food intake to recover their menstrual cycle, according to a new … read more

Wearable Device Lets Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Safely Use Affordable Insulin Option

Adults with type 2 diabetes requiring insulin therapy can safely achieve good blood sugar control using regular human insulin (RHI) in a wearable, patch-like insulin delivery device called … read more

Regular Exercise Benefits Immunity — Even in Isolation

A new analysis highlights the power of regular, daily exercise on our immune system and the importance of people continuing to work-out even in … read more

Solving a Medical Mystery and Changing CDC Screenings for COVID-19

UC Davis Health physicians and medical staff detail the diagnosis and treatment for first known case of community transmission of COVID-19 in the US. The case reveals how the patient’s symptoms … read more

Cells Must Age for Muscles to Regenerate in Muscle-Degenerating Diseases

Exercise can only improve strength in muscle-degenerating diseases when a specific type of muscle cell ages, report … read more

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