Fitness Fridays: Healthy Snacks To Have During Isolation Per A Nutritionist

Fitness Fridays

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With all of the time many people under “stay-at-home” orders are spending in the house, it can feel like there aren’t that many options of things to do. You work from home if you have that ability to. You watch TV and streaming services. You scroll through the Internet. Maybe you do some exercises in your living room. But more than anything, you eat. Aside from trying to cook for yourself now more than ever, or calling incessantly for food delivery, boredom snacking is likely kicking in. In between meals you’re chewing on something, and the snacks you have probably aren’t the best. They’re salty, sugary and greasy. So we reached out to Katie Boyd, a lifestyle, nutrition and fitness coach, for suggestions as to what kind of healthy snack options may be out there on shelves and online, not only in the produce sections, but in the chip and snack bar aisles, too. Here are a few of the offerings she recommended that we’re going to try and get our hands on, and you should, too.

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