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Nutrition Article

Phosphorus – Phosphorous is involved in bone and teeth formation as well as metabolism, kideny function, cell growth and heart muscle contraction. It not only help…
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Calories burned

Calculate the number of calories burned for running based on your weight and duration. Or search our database of calories burned for over 600 different activities. You can also use our new calories burned calculator to add up the calories burned for each day.
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Low Fat Recipes

Over 400 low fat recipes including low fat chicken recipes and low fat dessert recipes.

Body Mass Index

Online body mass index calculator and body fat calculators.

Calorie Counter

Find calories burned for 600 exercises such as cycling.

Glycemic Index

Glycemic index and glycemic load for over 1500 food items.

Food Nutrition

Find your recommended dietary allowance.

Health calculators

Use our Health calculators to find your ideal weight.

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