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Dr. Dental has dental offices throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and in New Hampshire. Wherever you are in the New England area, Dr. Dental provides convenient and affordable family dentists near you.

Dr. Dental clinics have been serving the communities of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and New Jersey for over a decade. We take pride in being the first choice of the residents of these states and strive to maintain the high quality services that won them over in the first place. This is why we are constantly expanding our offerings, updating our techniques and equipment, and ensuring that they find a Dr. Dental dentist nearby.

“Why is Dr. Dental a Better Option than Other Dentists Near Me?”

Dr. Dental dentists are qualified professionals who are yet to meet a mouth they do not like. In addition to boasting years of experience and expertise using top notch dental tools, they are dedicated dentists and oral hygienists who will care for your teeth and protect them from cavities and diseases. Helping each Dr. Dental dentist is trained staff whose knowledge of both teeth and chair-side manners is commendable. You can trust them to ensure your comfort and even prevent the little ones from fearing the dentist.

What further makes us stand out from the rest is that each facility is home to an affordable dentist. Dr. Dental is dedicated to providing patients with excellent dental care through affordable treatments. In addition to accepting cash and major credit cards, we have partnered with numerous insurance providers. You can ask our professionals about what treatments your insurance covers before visiting our dentists or during your first visit.
For uninsured patients, we offer regularly updated deals and discounts on valuable services like teeth cleaning. Some of these are for new patients who seek quality dental care but cannot afford it. However, if you still cannot avail our services, we invite you to talk to our dentist about arranging a flexible payment plan. With so many payment options available, you will not be typing “Dentists Near Me” in search engines in the future.

Another benefit of our services is our availability six days a week. If you have been asking “where can I find a weekend dentist near me?” you know by now how difficult it is to have both. You are either going to come across dentists who are open on weekdays or be forced to travel far to get your teeth checked. However, here at Dr. Dental, we accommodate the busy schedules of our patients by offering longer hours and opening on weekends. You are welcome to schedule an appointment between 8 am and 7:30 pm from Monday to Friday and 9 am to 3 pm on Saturday, but make sure to do so soon to get the time slot you want.

Once you experience the quality, friendliness and professionalism of Dr. Dental, we are sure that you will not be searching for the term “weekend dentist near me” any time soon. So book an appointment online or by calling the nearest affordable dentist to you.

“Are There Any Dr. Dental Dentists Near Me?”

If you are in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire or New Jersey, there’s a good chance that you will find a dentist near you. The following are the Dr. Dental dentists currently in your city, but we are working on adding more clinics soon in your area.

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