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Welcome to The Dentist Office in Warren, NJ. Dr. Steven S. Forman has been practicing and perfecting his skills as a general, family and cosmetic dentist for nearly thirty years.

Cosmetic DentistryAt our Warren, NJ, dental practice we offer a wide range of options. These include: restorative dentistry, porcelain veneers, dental crowns and bridges, non-surgical gum therapy, periodontics, and TMJ treatment. You can also have your teeth replaced in one day with advanced dental implants techniques. See a list of options on our Dental Procedures List page. Our approach to cosmetic dentistry is two fold. First and foremost, the goal of each procedure is to enhance the overall oral health of patients. Second, but of equal importance, is to enhance the aesthetic beauty of each patient’s smile. We know a radiant, glowing smile can bring our patients a renewed sense of confidence and a rejuvenated approach to life. Through cosmetic dentistry, we can help change the way you view yourself and the way in which the world sees you.

About Dr. Steven S. Forman’s Dental Practice

The Dental Practice of Dr. Steven S. FormanThe Dentist Office delivers the finest general, family and cosmetic dental care available in New Jersey. NJ residents are fortunate to have access to one of the preeminent family and cosmetic dentists on the East Coast. Also, The Dentist Office offers all the modern amenities available. This ensures that each patient feels as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Dr. Forman has proven successful by combining warm and friendly patient care with the latest in dental technology.

Family Dentistry
“My goal as a Dentist is to provide my patients with the best that modern dentistry can offer in a comfortable, pain-free environment. I am dedicated to maintaining a jump on any new techniques and equipment that enable me to restore function, create exceptional beauty, and provide my patients with peace of mind.”

Meet the Dentist

Cosmetic and Family Dentist in Warren NJ

Dr. Steven S. Forman was born and raised in North Central New Jersey (near Warren, NJ). For over 30 years he has been happily married to his high school sweetheart. Together, they have raised two wonderful children. When Dr. Forman is not at The Dentist Office, he enjoys tennis, jogging, working out, theatre, travel, and of course, a good book.

Being a general, family and cosmetic dentist is an ever-evolving field of study. And Dr. Forman has made himself a perpetual student of it. Dr. Forman routinely attends advanced dentist training seminars and conferences to ensure he remains at the forefront of the dental profession. Most recently, Dr. Forman attended advanced dentist procedural courses on:

  • Non-Surgical Pocket Reduction
  • Aesthetic Approaches for Enhancing the Smile
  • Occlusal Principles in Implant Prosthesis
  • New-Age Cavity Preparation
  • Endodontic Solutions for the Comprised Dentition
  • Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry

Dr. Forman is a member of the following Dentistry Organizations

Meet the Staff

Every staff member of The Dentist Office is dedicated to assisting one of the finest family and cosmetic dentist’s in New Jersey. Their goal is to provide excellent, patient-friendly care in a warm, inviting environment. All staff members are highly skilled, trained, motivated, and dedicated to continually enhancing their already vast dental knowledge.

Cookie has worked in Dr. Forman’s Dentist Office as a dental assistant for 26 years. Andrea and Nubia work in the dental hygiene department and bring warmth, comfort, and experience to The Dentist Office. Evelyn has been Dr. Forman’s office manager and insurance coordinator for nearly 15 years. The entire staff of The Dentist Office is dedicated to helping our patients achieve the results they desire without the discomfort normally associated with a trip to the dentist.

Communication and patient dialogue help the staff know exactly what each individual patient hopes to gain through their visit at The Dentist Office. From there, experience and training blend and patient’s expectations are often exceeded.

Again, we welcome you to The Dentist Office and Dr. Steven S. Forman’s Cosmetic, General and Family Dental Practice. For a list of dental options go to our Dental Procedures List page.

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