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Is it a website that states that it IS??? Is it a dentist practice that is found by a dental directory that claims to “Find the Best Dentist?”

Definitely not.

How about Find a Top Dentist? ….. Question is… what is a top dentist?

Dental directories usually only contain website information or practice information about a particular dentist only because that dental practice subscribes to the directory services.

This applies also to those 1-800 types of dentist referral services. The only practitioners you will find are those who have subscribed to the service.

Unfortunately, there is no easy, sure fire way of determining who or what practice is tops at dentistry. It is too broad of a term. Even some of the most well known dentists have certain procedures they are BEST at. And other procedures they are not…

Yellow Pages and Word of Mouth

In the world of print advertising and yellow page ads, prospective patients could learn some details about a particular dentist or dental practice. A big yellow page ad and perhaps a confirmation through friends and/or relatives who may have been a patient with a particular dentist. Although a successful method in times past, this particular model doesn’t really fit the multimedia environment of the internet.

Internet – Changing Expectations

For the first few years of internet advertising it was somewhat sufficient to have a mere presence on the internet. Advancing internet technologies however have now caused a greater interest (perhaps a demand) in obtaining as much information as possible about a product or service.

The websites that do a more complete job of communicating as much detail as possible about a product or service tend to be more successful at attracting and keeping customers. In many cases the “internet shopping experience” is MORE successful than traditional shopping. Shopping for music CD’s, used cars and used merchandize through an on-line auction service is in fact more successful through the internet than through print ads and real-time window shopping.

Dentistry Websites – Changing Expectations

The immense multimedia opportunities available on the internet now enable dental practices to provide a wealth of information about their services and procedures. Those who undertake the effort and major expense to provide the “most” communication about their services…. are providing what patient’s need to make an informed selection … compared to their counterparts (only a fraction of dentists incorporate the use of the internet).

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