Beechmont dentist facing constant mail delivery issues

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – The United States Postal Service tries to deliver 96 percent of first class mail on time.

They haven’t met that goal in the last five years, and it’s the latest tip coming into the Troubleshooter hotline.

One Beechmont business said it’s considering moving because of constant mail delivery problems.

“We rely on our payments, insurance carriers, approvals, denials, things of that nature,” Dentist Michael Hunt said.

He’s had an office on Southern Parkway open since May of 2019. One of the biggest challenges he’s faced since opening is getting his mail.

“We receive literally a fraction of our mail,” Hunt said. “It ends up back at the sender asking if we’ve changed addresses, they have to remit payment again, and again it’s by mail so it’s a crapshoot if we get it.”

He’s gone to his post office and asked what can be done and said he’s told they’re trying their best. USPS complaint data obtained by WAVE showed their best at the Iroquois station might be getting worse.

In January of 2021, 486 complaints were filed compared to the 146 complaints filed in January of this year.

One customer reported no mail for a week on Kilmory Avenue. USPS said weather and staffing caused erratic delivery.

Another said they weren’t getting their LGE bill or mail from Social Security. USPS blamed limited staff and untracked first class mail.

“You take for granted, like it does at home and it doesn’t here, no problems in our other office at all,” Hunt said.

Hunt said he’s opened a PO box, but that hasn’t helped. His staff took a picture of a stack of mail that finally showed up which was marked undeliverable. He’s switching to electronic payments if he can, and telling his patients to call his office when they get a notice about an appointment because he’s not getting them.

“A lot of the stuff that gets sent back are predetermine estimates,” he said. “They’ll call the insurance on their own and the insurance will tell them it has been sent.”

Troubleshooters reached out to USPS and asked what’s going on. A spokesperson responded with the following statement:

“The Postal Service is committed to providing the best possible service to our customers and we apologize for any inconvenience that may have been experienced. Local management is aware of delivery issues at the Louisville Iroquois Station and is taking steps to address the concerns. We appreciate the patience of our customers and the efforts of employees during challenging times. We will continue flexing our available resources to match the workload and we are proud of the efforts of postal employees as they define essential public service every day.

When mail service issues occur, we take steps to quickly resolve customer concerns. We gladly work to address any specific issue from the community when brought to our attention and we encourage customers to reach out to their local postal station. Customers can also go to our website and click on “Contact us” at the bottom of our homepage, or utilize this direct web address: Every email will be carefully documented and appropriate action taken to strengthen service. In addition, the official Twitter account of the United States Postal Service, managed by the Social Media staff at USPS HQ, can provide help. For customer service, please tweet @USPSHelp. The Postal Service will diligently continue to investigate customer’s concerns and correct deficiencies to improve service to our communities.”

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