A Fitness Model Tried Eating Like the World’s Strongest Men

YouTuber and bodybuilder Aseel Soueid has tried the diet and workouts of some of the world’s fittest people, from star athletes to jacked movie stars. Inspired by a video where the former World’s Strongest Man winners Brian Shaw and Eddie Hall shared their daily diets with Men’s Health, Soueid decided that for his next challenge, he’s going to spend the day eating like a strongman getting ready for a competition.

He starts out with Shaw’s giant go-to breakfast, consisting of eight whole eggs, three cups of rice, and a glass of spinach blended with orange juice. “It’s not bad, but it’s not good either,” he says of the juice concoction.

For lunch, Soueid switches over to Hall’s pre-workout menu, and prepares a 16-ounce ribeye steak with 200 grams of vegetables and 300 grams of pasta. “He eats ribeye steak because it’s super fatty, and obviously it’s easier to get the calories in; the fatter, the better,” he says. “Which is the exact opposite of what us normal people try to look for in food… If you’re combining high fat and high carb, you’re really screwed when it comes to being more lethargic. For me, really high fats before the gym get me super sluggish.”

Hall would also usually chow down on half a family-size cheesecake, but as Soueid has both celiac disease and Type 1 diabetes, he improvises a substitution for dessert, opting for gluten-free vanilla cupcakes.

After a strength training session, Soueid’s post-workout meal looks remarkably similar: more steak (half a kilo, to be specific), pasta, and rice from Hall’s daily diet. Again, Hall would eat the other half of the cheesecake after this, but Soeuid forces down another cupcake instead. Then the final meal of the day, right before bed, is a protein shake and three protein bars.

“It is ridiculous, I don’t believe they can eat like this on a daily basis,” he says. “But I do respect their dedication and the passion that they have towards their sport.”

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