911 Fitness

2017 winners


911 Fitness is committed in it’s mission to
higher levels of fitness in a variety of platforms
to reach your highest potential for police,
firefighters, military and civilians. The 911
Fitness culture is a mind-set of machine oriented
“CAN-DO” attitudes to jump higher, push more. 

The basis of this concept is from the 911 Fitness
Affect, based on cappilarization – force oxygen
through blood vessels for optimum performance.911
Fitness is where you are and where you are headed
full steam ahead – GO-GO-GO.  

The 911 Fitness Affect is performance at redline –
idle is for the couch.  Personal development to
overhaul any mental limitations you may have.  911
Fitness language includes “I WILL”, “I CAN”, “WHEN”,
“LET’S GO” – failure is never an option.   Records
are broken every year in numbers of events.  The
human potential for strength and speed has not
reached it’s max yet.  Reach higher and motivate
those around you to excel farther, faster and with

Jim SayihRetired
Police Lieutenant Jim Sayih Director & Organizer,
911 Fitness Challenge, Keynote Speaker, 911 Trainer,
Miami, Director/Presenter,MS-Exercise
Physiology,NSCA,CSCS,ACSM – HFI    

Through Jim Sayih’s tireless work and dedication,
the 911 Fitness Challenge continues to grow. This
competition has enhanced the quality of life of
thousands of 911 responders each year while
fulfilling its mission to help children with
disabilities through its proceeds to the Shriner’s
Children’s Hospitals.  A special thank-you to our
past business sponsors for your valued support!


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