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Visit Your Family Dentist to Treat a Cracked Tooth

family dentist Los Angeles, CA

If there is sudden pain in a tooth, a visit to a family dentist can determine if the tooth is cracked. Cracked teeth can occur in various fashions.

How to identify a cracked tooth


Biting into something hard, like the pit of stone fruits, may cause a crack. So could a direct blow, possible in car accidents or street fights. Unassuming causes, like the grinding of teeth and drastic changes in mouth temperature from hot to cold, may also cause a tooth to crack.


Symptoms to beware of if any of the previous scenarios have occurred are various. Pain while chewing, especially upon releasing the bite is typical. Cracked teeth can also become particularly sensitive to extreme temperatures. Enamel, the outer layer of teeth, covers loads of nerve endings which are exposed when teeth are cracked. This explains the phenomena of temperature sensitivity. Throbbing throughout the day and unusual swelling around a tooth are two other symptoms to look out for. Experiencing any of these symptoms is just cause to seek out a family dentist.

Types of cracked teeth the family dentist might find

May not need treatment

The most insignificant type of crack is referred to as a craze line. This crack of the enamel is superficial, typically asymptomatic and not requiring treatment. Fractured cusps are cracks that typically happen around a previous filling. If they do not penetrate to the core of the tooth, they can also be painless and not require treatment.

Needing treatment

Vertical cracks that extend down to the gum line are much more serious, usually causing symptoms that require treatment to resolve. Cracks can also rise vertically from the root. If these cracks become infected, they may be cause for extraction. Otherwise they are usually asymptomatic.

Diagnosis and treatment

Diagnostic methods

Diagnosing a cracked tooth is notoriously difficult. There are some common methods. The dentist will take a look at the patient under proper light and magnification while asking about the patient’s history, i.e., have they experienced any of the common causes and symptoms. A tool may also be used to probe for the crack or locally inflamed gums which might signify a vertical crack. If a bite test reveals nothing but the dentist is still concerned, they may employ a dye test. X-rays are relatively ineffective in discovering cracked teeth.

Treatment options

The treatment a family dentist will resort to depends on the severity of the cracked tooth. Some cracks can be repaired by bonding the crack with a plastic resin. In other cases, a crown is required. This typically involves shaving off some enamel to fit the crown. If soft tissue in the tooth’s core has been damaged, the dentist may prescribe a root canal to prevent the tooth from growing weaker. The worst-case scenario is the tooth must be extracted.


Whether they occur as the result of direct contact, grinding or rapid cooling, cracked teeth can be very painful insecure cases. Symptoms to look out for are

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Teen Health and Wellness

“As aesthetically appealing as it is easy to use…Builds student knowledge and self-awareness as well as a sense of community…while meeting curricular standards and the varied needs of users of all abilities. A powerful and versatile resource.”
School Library Journal

“Rich, authoritative information…A simply amazing resource. The features of the database are numerous and thought-provoking.” —American Libraries

Ground-breaking… A+. The front-runner in health information for teenagers and a definite must-have for all high school and public libraries.” —School Library Journal

A one-stop self-help resource and fully interactive online community center for teen health and wellness…authoritative.” —Library Journal

Thoughtfully considered…An exemplary product for public libraries, high schools, and middle schools. It fills a much-needed niche.” —VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates)

More interactivity for teens and more useful tools for librarians and teachers…Excellent.” —Booklist

“I am personally convinced that this 24/7 resource with its big ‘Get Help’ button, is going to save teen lives.” —Laura Cleveland, Columbia County Library, AR

“I cannot recommend Teen Health & Wellness strongly enough! We use it for our health classes, sociology and psychology classes—and the students use it for themselves.” —Sara Kelly Johns, New York Library Association, NY

“The counselors love that they have a site where they can send teenagers to privately look up sensitive information and get answers to questions that they are too embarrassed/shy to ask about!” —Liz Philippi, Houston ISD, TX

Wow, this is what I call a reference experience! … The attention to detail in citing, writing, reviewing, and updating make the information very authoritative.” —Sue Polanka, Head of Reference, Wright State University; Chair, Editorial Board, Reference Books Bulletin

“Our school is very impressed with the site and we talk about how we wish this was available when we were teens. We especially like Dr. Jan’s advice.” —Dina Ishimoto Fukada, Riverdale High School, CA

“Rosen Publishing has definitely set the standard for interactive databases that provide up-to-date information for kids on topics that demand answers. In summary: It’s the best thing out there since sliced bread!” —Shonda Brisco, District Librarian, Newkirk Public Schools, OK

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Sachar Dental – Best Dentist in NYC

Schedule online now – appointments available.

SAME Day / emergency appointments available. Call (212) 752-1163


Welcome to Sachar Dental NYC, Manhattan’s premier dental practice conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan, by Grand Central Station.

Sachar Dental NYC offers a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your dental needs, making it easy for you to get the care you need.  Our in-house team of specialists include a Periodontist/ Gum Specialist, a Prosthodontist & Implntologist, highly skilled General & Cosmetic Dentists and Invisalign Certified Providers.

We also specialize in routine preventative dental care including regular dental check-ups, cleanings and fillings.

Click below for more information.

Our Philosophy

Our approach is conservative!

At Sachar Dental NYC we believe in delivering successful results by using the most conservative approach possible. We always  perform the least aggressive dentistry to achieve the absolute best outcome.

“Less is More!” is our philosophy.

We want to preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible, when doing dentistry. And we are mindful that ‘prevention is better than cure”.

Additionally, we only use the least toxic materials possible in all of our procedures.

Our tooth colored fillings and other materials  are all mercury-free as well as  BPA-free.

Many tooth colored fillings and sealants used today contain trace amounts of BPA, an endocrine disruptor and carcinogen.

Our Goal: “Healthy Teeth & Gums for Life!”


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Fitness Website Design

The question I’m going to attempt to answer for you today is: “Do I need a membership site?” Perhaps it’s something you’re actively thinking about… Or perhaps it’s never crossed your mind! So let me get right to the point… How might a membership site benefit your…

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When you start a business it’s normal to ignore the amount of time spent on admin. Everything is still new so you take ownership to get it right. Every client payment, and every class booking, feel important to hold onto for fear of making a mistake that could slow…

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Note from Dave:  Today’s guest post is by Louis Allport. Although email read and delivery rates aren’t as high as they used to be, I strongly feel that email is still one of the key pillars of effective online marketing.  In fact, due to the amount of email most…

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Official Website of the Board of Veterinary Medicine

The Board’s mission is to promote the public health, safety, and welfare by safeguarding the people and animals of Idaho by establishing and enforcing professional standards in the licensure and regulation of veterinary health professionals.


Due to COVID-19 Pandemic – Please use email for all of your questions and communications, [email protected]
(We will not have anyone in the office to answer phones.)   

Our mail service has been cut to two (2) days per week, so there will likely be some delay in receiving and processing applications. 

Please check our website for updates at:

Regarding Continuing Education, (CE), for the upcoming renewal season: 
The Board made a temporary rule change to the CE credit requirements.  For the renewal season of 2020, we are cutting the number of credits required
IN HALF, and ALL of them can be taken online.
The specific language for the Temporary Rule Change to be posted soon.)

This means that to renew in May and June of 2020:
Veterinarians will only need 10 credits.
CVT’s will only need 7 credits. 
All credits can be done online.

We thank you again for your continued patience as we all work through this together.


COVID-19 info for Veterinarians and CVT’s:

Board policy on Telemedicine please click HERE 

FDA update on Telemedicine please click HERE

From the
CDC(Center for Disease Control)

CDC on Businesses and Employers:

From Idaho Dept. of Healthand Welfare: Coronavirus facts 

Idaho Health & Welfare Epidemiology:

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The Disciple Making Dentist – Impact Discipleship Ministries

Last night, I had an awesome experience. I went to a dental office for a discipleship group. Yes, you heard me right: I went to a dental office for a discipleship group. I did not go to a church, a house, or a restaurant. I went to a place where they work on teeth! In thirty years of ministry, this is the first time I have ever sat in a discipleship group meeting in a dental office. It was beautiful.

A dentist who attends the church where I pastor has taken the mission of making disciples seriously. He has decided to be obedient to Christ’s command to “make disciples.” He has eliminated a multitude of excuses and obeyed Christ’s command. Here are a few observations and thoughts from my experience with a disciple making dentist.

Anyone can make disciples! My dentist friend has only been a Christian for a few years, and he will tell you that he has had his ups and downs in disciple making. He will also tell you that he is growing and trying his best to obey what Jesus commanded two-thousand years ago. Similar to a guy named Peter, my dentist friend is not letting his past mistakes be excuses for his present obedience. 

Disciples can be made anywhere! My dentist friend is not waiting for the perfect setting to make disciples. Actually, he has found the perfect setting for him. He is using the resources God has given him and he is making disciples in his market place. Imagine what could happen if disciple making left church buildings and ventured out into dentist offices, doctor offices, classrooms, fitness centers, and office complexes.

Anybody can be a disciple! The discipleship group meeting in this dentist’s office was not what I expected. It was a mixture of men. They were different ages, races, and professions. They were all at different levels of spiritual growth as well. They had one thing in common: they all had a desire and hunger to grow. Desire is all that you really need to start making disciples. We will see what God is going to produce from this rag-tag group of guys.

I love seeing people make disciples, and I love hearing stories of disciple makers. If you have story to share please send it to me!

Here at Impact Ministries, we are committed to championing disciple making as much we possibly can. If you need help making disciples, or starting a movement of multiplying disciples, please contact us. We would love to help you.

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Disaster Lit: Database for Disaster Medicine and Public Health

Disaster Lit: Database for Disaster Medicine and Public Health is the National Library of Medicine (NLM) database of links to disaster medicine and public health documents available on the Internet at no cost. Documents include expert guidelines, research reports, conference proceedings, training classes, fact sheets, websites, databases, and similar materials for a professional audience. NLM selects materials from over 1,400 non-commercial publishing sources and supplements disaster-related resources from PubMed (biomedical journal literature) and MedlinePlus (health information for the public).

Read more about Disaster Lit. 

The Help contains tips and guidelines for searching Disaster Lit.

Disaster Lit: Database for Disaster Medicine and Public Health is the National Library of Medicine (NLM) database of links to disaster medicine and public health documents available on the Internet at no cost. Documents include expert guidelines, research reports, conference proceedings, training classes, fact sheets, websites, databases, and similar materials for a professional audience. NLM selects materials from over 1,400 non-commercial publishing sources and supplements disaster-related resources from PubMed (biomedical journal literature) and MedlinePlus (health information for the public).

Read more about Disaster Lit. 

The Help contains tips and guidelines for searching Disaster Lit.

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ChemIDplus Advanced – Chemical information with searchable synonyms, structures, and formulas

Reset toxicity section.


(mg/kg or ppm)



Toxicity data is available for 112,443 records.

Reset locator codes section.

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Court Orders Dentist to Pay Damages for Sexual Harassment

A dentist was ordered by France’s top court to pay damages for sexually abusing a female assistant after the man was cleared of related criminal charges.

In a milestone ruling last month, the Cour de Cassation said the bar is lower for proving harassment in civil lawsuits than in criminal cases, where intent is key. The judges said the dental assistant was entitled to unfair-dismissal damages after complaining about her boss’s inappropriate language.

The dental assistant filed a labor lawsuit after being fired by the dentist in 2013, claiming she had been sexually harassed by her boss. Two years ago, an appellate court awarded her damages over the dismissal, but the dentist appealed.

The ruling creates a clearer path for victims of abuse to seek compensation. While sexual harassment is seen to be widespread in France — affecting as many as a third of women according to an Ifop poll two years ago — it has historically led to few criminal convictions.

Paris lawyer Zoë Royaux says the ruling may encourage victims of sexual harassment to consider both civil and criminal avenues.

“Don’t be afraid to use the different strands of the law,” said Royaux, a spokeswoman for the Fondation des femmes, which promotes gender equality. “Lodging a criminal complaint can sometimes lead to a disappointing outcome, that’s a known fact.”

Royaux says the top court ruling is a reminder that the criminal code doesn’t always trump civil rules. She also finds points of comparison between the dentist’s case and the Dominique Strauss-Kahn scandal that unfolded in the U.S. about a decade ago.

Strauss-Kahn, the former chief of the International Monetary Fund, and the maid who accused him of trying to rape her agreed to settle her civil lawsuit even after criminal charges against him were dropped.

The dentist, who wasn’t identified in the ruling, had argued that the assistant had only complained about harassment after she had been dismissed.

But the court said the hierarchical relationship with her boss was complicated by her need to finish her studies, “preventing her from leaving the dentist’s office without also forfeiting a chance to get her diploma.”

That had “logically and naturally restrained her from complaining,” the judges said.

“Moreover, she told the police officer when lodging a complaint that when she wanted to talk to her employer about his language, he had told her she should ‘loosen up,’” the judges said.

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